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1981–82 Australian region cyclone season

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First system formed  18 October 1981
Name  Chris-Damia
Tropical cyclones  14
Last system dissipated  18 May 1982
Tropical lows  14
Severe tropical cyclones  7
1981–82 Australian region cyclone season

The 1981–82 Australian region cyclone season was an average season. It officially started on 1 November 1981, and officially ended on 30 April 1982.


Severe Tropical Cyclone Chris-Damia

Intense Tropical Cyclone Chris-Damia was the strongest tropical cyclone in the South-West Indian Ocean ever recorded with a minimum pressure of 898 mbar (hPa).

Tropical Cyclone Errol

Errol caused heavy damage in Western Australia in January 1982.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Dominic

Cyclone Dominic made landfall on April 7, 1982, near Cape Keerweer. Damage was done to buildings and power lines at Edward River Mission and Aurukun. Wind damage was seen in Darwin and the Northern Territory. The storm tide was 1 meter/3.3 ft at Weripa and 1.5 meter/5 ft at Karumba. The storm left 3.6 million dollars (1982 USD) in damage.


1981–82 Australian region cyclone season Wikipedia

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