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1977 World Championship Tennis circuit

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Edition  10th
Most tournament finals  Jimmy Connors (5)
Tournaments  13
Points leader  Dick Stockton (520)
1977 World Championship Tennis circuit
Duration  12 January 1977 – 10 May 1977
Most tournament titles  Dick Stockton Jimmy Connors (3)

The 1977 season of the World Championship Tennis (WCT) circuit was one of the two rival professional male tennis circuits of 1977. It was organized by World Championship Tennis (WCT) and consisted of a preliminary series of twelve tournaments leading up to a singles play-off in Dallas and doubles play-off in Kansas City in May. 23 players participated and the season final was played by the eight best performers. It was won by American Jimmy Connors who defeated compatriot Dick Stockton in four sets. The total prize money for the 1977 WCT circuit was $2,400,000.


Additionally there were three special events that did not count towards the standings; the Aetna World Cup held in Hartford between America and Australia (10–13 March), the $320,000 Challenge Cup in Las Vegas (14–20 November) and the Tournament of Champions held in Lakeway, Texas (10–13 March, 10–13 July) and Madison Square Garden, New York (17 September).

In February the WCT sued Björn Borg, as well as his management company IMG. WCT stated that Borg had committed a breach of contract by electing to participate in the competing 1977 Grand Prix circuit instead of the WCT circuit. Borg eventually played a single WCT event, the Monte Carlo WCT, and won the tournament.


The schedule of events on the 1977 WCT circuit, with player progression documented until the quarterfinals stage.

Special events

These WCT events did not count towards the standings.


* Qualified for the WCT Finals.


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