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1969 NBA draft

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1969 NBA draft
Date(s)  April 7, 1969 (First and second round) May 7, 1969 (Other rounds)
Location  New York City, New York
First selection  Lew Alcindor, Milwaukee Bucks

The 1969 NBA draft was the 23rd annual draft of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The draft was held on April 7, 1969, and May 7, 1969, before the 1969–70 season. In this draft, 14 NBA teams took turns selecting amateur U.S. college basketball players. A player who had finished his four-year college eligibility was eligible for selection. If a player left college early, he would not be eligible for selection until his college class graduated. The first two picks in the draft belonged to the teams that finished last in each division, with the order determined by a coin flip. The Milwaukee Bucks won the coin flip and were awarded the first overall pick, while the Phoenix Suns were awarded the second pick. The remaining first-round picks and the subsequent rounds were assigned to teams in reverse order of their win–loss record in the previous season. The Los Angeles Lakers were awarded an extra first-round draft pick as settlement of the Rudy LaRusso trade to the San Francisco Warriors. The draft consisted of 20 rounds comprising the selection of 218 players.


  • a On October 20, 1967, the Chicago Bulls acquired Flynn Robinson, 1968 and 1969 second-round picks from the Cincinnati Royals in exchange for Guy Rodgers. The Bulls used the pick to draft Johnny Baum.
  • b On August 27, 1968, the Phoenix Suns acquired a second-round pick from the Boston Celtics in exchange for Em Bryant. The Suns used the pick to draft Gene Williams.
  • c On December 17, 1968, the Phoenix Suns acquired Jim Fox and a third-round pick from the Detroit Pistons in exchange for McCoy McLemore. The Suns used the pick to draft Lamar Green.
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