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1965 Hong Kong US Marines KC 130F Crash

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Date  24th August in 1965
Fatalities  59
Number of deaths  59
Passenger count  65
Passengers  65
Survivors  12
Survivor  12
Crew count  6
1965 Hong Kong US Marines KC-130F Crash
Summary  Loss of control due to engine failure
Site  Kai Tak International Airport (HKG/VHHH) in British Hong Kong
Operator  United States Marine Corps

A United States Marines Corps (USMC) Lockheed KC-130F Hercules, ferrying a group of US marines back to South Vietnam from rest-and-relaxation leave in then-British Hong Kong, crashed on take-off, causing a total of 59 deaths out of all 71 (both the flight-crew and the passengers) onboard the aircraft on the 24th of August in 1965.


The accident

The accident began after the aircraft, a USMC Lockheed KC-130F Hercules (Bu.No.149802), veered left shortly after take-off and struck a sea-wall and then crashed and plunged into the waters surrounding Kai Tak Airport's runway at a distance of 40 ft (12 m) off Hong Kong Island.


The cause of the accident regarding the aircraft's crash was attributed to a partial failure of the No.1 engine during the plane's take-off from the runway.


1965 Hong Kong US Marines KC-130F Crash Wikipedia

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