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1951 Ringway Dakota crash

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Passengers  0
Survivors  1
Date  27 March 1951
Fatalities  2
Passenger count  0
Injuries (non-fatal)  1
Aircraft type  Douglas Dakota 3
Operator  Air Transport Charter
Survivor  1
Crew count  3
1951 Ringway Dakota crash
Summary  Icing leading to mechanical failure
Site  Ringway Airport, Manchester, England
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On 27 March 1951 a Douglas Dakota 3 cargo aircraft registered G-AJVZ operated by Air Transport Charter en route from Ringway Airport, Manchester, England, to Nutts Corner Airport, Antrim, Northern Ireland, crashed shortly after takeoff following the failure of the aircraft to gain height. There were two fatalities amongst the crew on board.



The Dakota was operating a flight carrying newspapers from Ringway to Nutts Corner. On takeoff from Runway 06 in freezing conditions and light falling snow, it swung to port, failed to climb, and struck the top of a tree in Woodhouse Lane, close to the hamlet of Heyhead, half a mile from the end of the runway. Both pilots were killed.


The subsequent investigation found that the crash resulted from a loss of engine power caused by ice formation in the carburettor intakes attributable to the captain's failure to make use of the heat controls. The extended undercarriage and the presence of snow on the wings may have also been contributory factors.


1951 Ringway Dakota crash Wikipedia

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