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1947 in Brazil

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1947 in Brazil
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Events in the year 1947 in Brazil.



  • President: Eurico Gaspar Dutra
  • Vice President: Nereu Ramos
  • Events

  • 19 January - Parliamentary elections are held, for 19 vacant seats in the Chamber of Deputies, one additional Senator for each state (except Santa Catarina, which elected two), and for all state Governors and legislatures The Brazilian Communist Party wins nearly 10% of the vote in the state elections, becoming the third party in the state of São Paulo (ahead of the UDN) and the single largest party in the federal capital, Rio de Janeiro.
  • 31 May-17 June - The South American Basketball Championship 1947 is held in Rio de Janeiro.
  • 6 August - The Brazilian Socialist Party is founded.
  • 2 October - The São Paulo Museum of Art opens to the public
  • 22 December - The airline Lóide Aéreo Nacional is founded by Ruy Vacani.
  • Books

  • Mario de Andrade - Contos Novos (posthumously published)
  • Films

  • The End of the River (British film made in Brazil), directed by Derek Twist
  • Music

  • Valdir Azevedo - "Brasileirinho"
  • Births

  • 4 February - Garibaldi Alves Filho, politician
  • 26 July - Siron Franco, painter, designer and sculptor
  • 24 August - Paulo Coelho, novelist
  • 17 October - Nuno Leal Maia, actor
  • 14 December - Dilma Rousseff, 36th President of Brazil
  • Deaths

  • 12 January - Júlio Afrânio Peixoto, physician, politician and writer (born 1876)
  • 21 April - Heitor da Silva Costa, civil engineer, designer and constructor of the Christ the Redeemer monument in Rio de Janeiro (born 1873)
  • 21 July - Johann Baptist Reus, German-Brazilian Jesuit leader (born 1868)
  • References

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