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1945 in architecture

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1945 in architecture

The year 1945 in architecture involved some significant events.



  • Hallgrímskirkja, a church in Reykjavík, Iceland is started.
  • Events

  • February 13 - February 15 - The bombing of Dresden by the British Royal Air Force and the United States Army Air Forces destroys 13 square miles (34 km²) of the city, and causes a firestorm that consumes the city centre. Landmarks destroyed include the Frauenkirche, the Semperoper (the Saxony state opera house), and the Zwinger Palace. In the decades following the end of the war, some of the lost buildings are reconstructed.
  • Auguste Perret is appointed architect for the reconstruction of Le Havre.
  • Awards

  • Royal Gold Medal - Victor Vesnin.
  • Grand Prix de Rome, architecture - Jean Dubuisson and Jean de Mailly.
  • Publications

  • John Summerson - Georgian London.
  • Births

  • August 12 - Jean Nouvel, French architect
  • Álvaro Barrera, Colombian restoration architect
  • Stephen Carter, American architect
  • John Frazer, British architect and CAD pioneer
  • Deaths

  • January 29 - Ilya Golosov, Soviet Russian architect (born 1883)
  • February 10 - Baillie Scott, British architect (born 1865)
  • Panteleimon Golosov, Russian Constructivist architect (born 1882)
  • References

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