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1942 Ruislip Wellington accident

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Passengers  9
Aircraft type  Vickers Wellington 1c
Date  18 October 1942
Survivor  0
Crew count  6
Flight origins  RAF Talbenny, Wales
Survivors  0
Registration  T2564 (KX-T)
Total fatalities  21 (six on ground)
Passenger count  9
Location  Ruislip
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Site  Ruislip, London, England
Operator  311 Squadron Royal Air Force

The 1942 Ruislip Wellington accident occurred on the 18 October 1942 when a Royal Air Force twin-engined Vickers Wellington 1c bomber crashed close to South Ruislip station while on approach to RAF Northolt, all 15 on-board and six on the ground (including four children) were killed.



The Vickers Wellington was operated by No. 311 Squadron of the Royal Air Force, 311 was a Czechoslovakian-manned Coastal Command squadron based at RAF Talbenny in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Following successful operation by the squadron they were invited to London for a de-brief. On 18 October 1942 Wellington serial number T2564 was being flown by Pilot Officer FrantiĊĦek Bulis with a crew of six and nine passengers when, on approach to RAF Northolt the Wellington crashed near South Ruislip railway station at 16:08 and burst into flames.

All the crew and passengers (all Czechoslovaks apart from a Belgian technical officer) were killed, also killed on the ground were two women each with two children. All but one of the crew were buried at Brooklands Military Cemetery where a memorial to them stands. The two sisters and children were buried at Brockenhurst, Hampshire.


As well as a service inquiry an inquest was also held into the deaths of the two sisters and their four children at Uxbridge, the aircraft was deemed to have been serviceable and was not overloaded. A witness at Northolt said it was flying quite normally: "It made a quarter circle, gradually losing height. Then it appeared to lose height rather more quickly and disappeared behind some houses". The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.


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