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1936 in Mandatory Palestine

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1936 in Mandatory Palestine

Events in the year 1936 in the British Mandate of Palestine.



  • High Commissioner – Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope
  • Emir of Transjordan – Abdullah I bin al-Hussein
  • Prime Minister of Transjordan – Ibrahim Hashem
  • Events

  • 19 April – Twenty Jews are killed in riots following the funeral of two Jews murdered on 15 April in Jaffa.
  • 19 April – The call for a general strike in Nablus marks the beginning of the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine against the British colonial rule and mass Jewish immigration.
  • 23 April – With the commencement of the Arab revolt, the British authorities evacuate the Jewish community of Hebron as a precautionary measure to secure its members' safety, thus ending the Jewish presence of Hebron.
  • 25 April – The Arab Higher Committee is established, on the initiative of the Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al-Husayni, to oppose British rule and Jewish claims in Palestine.
  • 10 December – The founding of the moshav Tel Amal which was the first of the tower and stockade settlement.
  • Unknown dates

  • The founding of the moshav Kfar Hittim
  • Notable births

  • 9 April – Ghassan Kanafani, Palestinian Arab writer, playwright and a leading member of the militant group PFLP (died 1972)
  • 31 May – Zevulun Hammer, Israeli politician, minister and Deputy Prime Minister (died 1998)
  • 14 June – Avraham Shochat, Israeli politician
  • 19 July – Nahum Stelmach, Israeli footballer and manager (died 1999)
  • 22 August – Nechama Hendel, Israeli singer, actress, guitarist and entertainer (died 1998)
  • 17 November – Dahlia Ravikovitch, Israeli poet (died 2005)
  • 27 November – Yitzhak Yitzhaky, Israeli educator and politician (died 1994)
  • 27 November – Zaid al-Rifai, former Jordanian Prime Minister
  • 19 December – A. B. Yehoshua, Israeli novelist, essayist, and playwright
  • Full date unknown
  • Moshe Levi, Israeli Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (died 2008)
  • Notable deaths

  • 23 September - Meir Dizengoff (born 1861), Russian (Bessarabia)-born Zionist politician and the first mayor of Tel Aviv
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