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1935 in Mandatory Palestine

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1935 in Mandatory Palestine

Events in the year 1935 in the British Mandate of Palestine.



  • High Commissioner - Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope
  • Emir of Transjordan - Abdullah I bin al-Hussein
  • Prime Minister of Transjordan - Ibrahim Hashem
  • Events

  • According to official statistics there were 61,854 Jewish immigrants during 1935.
  • 4 January – The British open the Mosul-Haifa oil pipeline, a major oil pipeline between the Mosul oil fields in Iraq and the Mediterranean port of Haifa in Palestine.
  • April - Palestine Arab Party established.
  • 23 June - Reform Party (Palestine) established.
  • 16 October – Discovery of a Zionist arms shipment at the port of Jaffa leads to unrest throughout Palestine.
  • 20 November – Sheikh Muhammad Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, the Sunni Islamic preacher and leader of the armed organization Black Hand which used violence against Jewish civilians and the British, is killed in a gunbattle with British police forces near Jenin.
  • Unknown dates

  • National Bloc (Palestine) established.
  • Notable births

  • 7 January – Noam Sheriff, Israeli composer and conductor
  • 18 January – Gad Yaacobi, Israeli former minister and Labor Party Knesset member (died 2007)
  • 26 March – Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestinian National Authority.
  • 13 July – Dan Almagor, Israeli playwright
  • 9 September – Chaim Topol, Israeli actor
  • 1 November – Edward Said, Palestinian-American literary theorist (died 2003)
  • 4 November – Uri Zohar, former Israeli film director, actor, and comedian who left the entertainment world to become a rabbi.
  • 14 November – Hussein of Jordan, the King of Jordan between 1952-1999 (died 1999)
  • 15 December – Adnan Badran, former Jordanian Prime Minister
  • Full date unknown
  • Said Aburish, Palestinian Arab journalist and writer.
  • Imil Jarjoui, Palestinian Arab politician (died 2007).
  • Notable deaths

  • 1 September – Abraham Isaac Kook (born 1865), Russian (Latvia)-born first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of the British Mandate for Palestine.
  • 20 November - Izz ad-Din al-Qassam (born 1882), Syrian-born Palestinian Muslim cleric who founded and headed the militant Black Hand movement and a number of other extreme anti-Jewish and anti-British groups. He was based in Haifa and president of the Young Men's Muslim Association there.
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