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1932 in the Kingdom of Iraq

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1932 in the Kingdom of Iraq
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Events in the year 1932 in the Kingdom of Iraq.



  • Faisal I of Iraq, King, 23 August 1921-8 September 1933
  • Naji Shawkat, Prime Minister, 3 November 1932–20 March 1933
  • Menahem Saleh Daniel, Senator, 1925-1932
  • Events

  • Iraq received its independence on 3 October, ending the British Mandate which began in 1920
  • Iraq joined the League of Nations on 6 October
  • The Ahmed-Mustafa Barzani revolts, which began in 1931, were suppressed
  • The government stopped issuing Indian Rupees and started issuing Iraqi dinars
  • Iraqi Red Crescent Society was founded in Baghdad
  • Al Shorta SC, multi-sport club based in Rusafa District, was established on 14 November
  • Births

  • Shahab Sheikh Nuri, politician and grandson of Mahmud Barzanji, born in Sulaymaniyah
  • Tahir Allauddin Al-Qadri Al-Gillani, head of the Sufi Qadiriyya Baghdadia Spiritual Tariqa, born on 18 June in Baghdad
  • Bahija Ahmed Shihab, Iraqi sociologist and one of the pioneering women that helped establish the Sociology department at the College of Arts, University of Baghdad, born on 1 July in Baghdad
  • Abdul Jerri, Iraqi-American mathematician
  • Shmuel Moreh, born in Baghdad on 22 Decemberprofessor emeritus in the Department for Arabic Language and Literature at the Hebrew University and a recipient of the Israel Prize in Middle Eastern studies in 1999.
  • Deaths

  • Faisal I of Iraq, King, on 8 September 1933
  • Sassoon Eskell, the Kingdom's first Finance Minister
  • References

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