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1930 Yugoslav Football Championship

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Start date  1930
1930 Yugoslav Football Championship
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The 1930 National Championship (Serbo-Croato-Slovenian: Državno prvenstvo 1930. / Државно првенство 1930.) had the number of teams participating once again raised to six. The champion, Concordia Zagreb, was a newly formed team consisting of previous HAŠK players.



This year, two new subassociations were formed. On April 13, 1930, the subassociation of Novi Sad was created, which would include the clubs from the districts of Novi Sad, Sremska Mitrovica and Šabac. A month later, on May 9, the subassociation of Veliki Bečkerek was formed, including the clubs from Veliki Bečkerek, Vršac, Kikinda and Pančevo districts.

Just as in the previous seasons, the two best placed teams from the subassociations of Belgrade and Zagreb will compete, while the rest of subassociations will qualify their champion. The Yugoslav Football Association in order to increase the number of teams in the final stage made some alterations, such as that the first two teams positioned in the previous season, Hajduk Split and BSK Belgrade, qualify directly to the final stage.

The representatives were:

  • Subassociation of Belgrade: BSK Belgrade (qualified directly) and SK Jugoslavija
  • Subassociation of Zagreb: HAŠK and Concordia Zagreb
  • Subassociation of Split: Hajduk Split (qualified directly)
  • Subassociation of Ljubljana: Ilirija
  • Subassociation of Osijek: Slavija Osijek
  • Subassociation of Sarajevo: Slavija Sarajevo
  • Subassociation of Skoplje: Empty
  • Subassociation of Subotica: Bačka
  • Qualifying round:

  • Bačka – Jugoslavija 2:1, 0:6
  • HAŠK – Slavija Osijek 3:3, 3:3 extra match: 1:1
  • Ilirija – Concordia 1:6, 0:6
  • Slavija Sarajevo was qualified as the Subassociation of Skoplje failed to present their team.
  • The qualified teams were Jugoslavija, Slavija Osijek, Concordia Zagreb and Slavija Sarajevo. The first leg mathes were played on July 6, with the second leg ones being played on July 13. The extra match between Slavija Osijek and HAŠK was played in Osijek on July 14. The Subassociation of Skoplje failed to present a champion as three clubs finished the league with equal number of points: Jug, SSK and Sparta.

    Top scorers

    Final goalscoring position, number of goals, player/players and club.

  • 1 - 10 goals - Blagoje Marjanović (BSK Belgrade)
  • 2 - 9 goals - Đorđe Vujadinović (BSK Belgrade)
  • 3 - 7 goals - Ivan Pavelić (Concordia), Leo Lemešić (Hajduk Split)
  • Champions

    CONCORDIA ZAGREB (coach: Bogdan Cuvaj)

    Sergije Demić (10/0)
    Stjepan Pavičić (10/0)
    Boško Ralić (9/0)
    Nikola Pavelić (8/0)
    Daniel Premerl (6/1)
    Gustav Remec (4/0)
    Miloš Ferić (3/0)
    Radovan Pavelić (10/4)
    Dragutin Babić (10/0)
    Edigio Martinović (10/1)
    Ivan Pavelić (10/10)
    Boris Praunberger (9/3)
    Aleksandar Živković (8/5)
    Vladimir Lolić (1/0)
    Pavao Löw (1/0)
    Božidar Armano (1/0)


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