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1929 Stanley Cup Finals

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Format  best-of-three
Champion  Boston Bruins
Dates  March 28–29, 1929
Start date  March 28, 1929
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Location(s)  Boston (Boston Garden) (1) New York (Madison Square Garden) (2)
Coaches  Boston: Art Ross New York: Lester Patrick
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The 1929 Stanley Cup Finals NHL championship series was played by the defending champion New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins. This was the first time in Stanley Cup history that two American-based teams met in the Final. Boston won the series to win its first championship.


Paths to the Final

The playoffs were now between division finishers of each division, rather than a division champion from each division. The Boston Bruins knocked off the Montreal Canadiens, the New York Rangers beat the New York Americans, and the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Detroit Cougars. The Rangers beat Toronto and then the Bruins won their first Stanley Cup defeating the Rangers. In the process, Boston became one of the few Cup winners in history to not lose a single game in the playoffs, and the last team until 1952 to win every playoff game they had.

The series

The Stanley Cup final was a best of three series.

Goalie Cecil ""Tiny"" Thompson backstopped the Bruins to consecutive wins, and posted the third Stanley Cup shutout for a rookie. Game 2 was played at Madison Square Garden.


These players did not qualify, but their names were put on the cup in 1958:

  • 4 Eric Pettinger(LW-traded to Toronto for George Owen),
  • 11 Frank Fredrickson(C-traded to Pittsburgh Pirates for Mickey Mackay)
  • 1 Hal Winkler (G-Substitute played in the minors).
  • Stanley Cup engraving

    † Name is listed on the team picture, but not engraved on the Stanley Cup in 1929.

  • When the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 1928–29 they decided to use the rest of the ring that the 1926–27 Ottawa Senators had put on the cup. There was not enough room to include every official winning members. They had to leave off Red Green, Ed Rodden, and Lloyd Klein. When the cup was redone during the 1957–58 season, Green, Rodden, Klein were added to the cup. They also included Hal Winkler (who spent whole season in the minors), Eric Pettinger and Frank Fredrickson (who were traded away from Boston, and under NHL rules should not be on the cup). By mistake Charles Adams and George Owen were left off the cup 2nd version, even though there was more than enough room to include them. From 1958 to 1993 the 1928–29 Boston Bruins were on the Stanley Cup in 2 different places. Once beside 1926–27 Ottawa, and other on the first larger ring with winners from 1927–28 to 1939–40. Cy Denneny's name was engraved twice on the larger ring, once as Cy Dennenny Coach, and other time as C Denneny with the other players.
  • Rumor has it that original ring of 1928-29 Boston was melted down to make a trophy for Hector "Toe" Blake when he retired after winning his 8th Stanley Cup was Coach with Montreal (11th cup over all)
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