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1928 in Turkey

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Centuries:  20th 21st
1928 in Turkey
Decades:  1900s 1920s 1930s 1940s

Events in the year 1928 in Turkey.



  • 3rd Parliament of Turkey
  • Incumbents

  • President – Kemal Atatürk
  • Prime Minister - İsmet İnönü
  • Ruling party and the main opposition

  • Ruling party –Republican People’s Party (CHP)
  • Cabinet

  • 5th government of Turkey
  • Events

  • 3 February – First hutbe in Turkish
  • 10 April – An amendment in constitution to change the religious terminology to secular terminology ( see Secularism in Turkey)
  • 31 March – Earthquake around Torbalı (west Anatolia)
  • 23 May – Turkish citizenship law
  • 28 June – Nation schools (Turkish: Millet mektebi) a project to increase the literacy rate
  • 26 June – An academic committee to research on the adoptation of Latin alphabet to Turkish language
  • 9 August – Kemal Atatürk announced that Turkish alphabet (a version of Latin alphabet, devoid of q, w and x and with the addition of ç, ş ,ğ, ı, ö and ü) will replace the traditional Arabic alphabet in Turkish language. This is considered as a major step in the modernization of Turkey)
  • 10 December – Surname law (up to 1928 people had no surnames and instead of surnames their place of birth was in use)
  • Births

  • 5 April - Haldun Dormen, theatre actor
  • 30 June - Orhan Boran, standup actor
  • 16 August - Ara Güler, photographer
  • 11 October - Yıldız Kenter, theatre actress
  • References

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