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1927 in Mandatory Palestine

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1927 in Mandatory Palestine

Events in the year 1927 in the British Mandate of Palestine.



  • High Commissioner - Herbert Onslow Plumer
  • Emir of Transjordan - Abdullah I bin al-Hussein
  • Prime Minister of Transjordan - Hasan Khalid Abu al-Huda
  • Events

  • 1 April – The Hashomer Hatzair kibbutzim federate into the Kibbutz Artzi movement.
  • 7 May - General Allenby lays the foundation stone of St Andrew's Church, Jerusalem
  • 11 July – A 6.2-magnitude earthquake occurs in the regions of Palestine and Transjordan, killing an estimated 500 people. The effects are especially severe in Jerusalem and Nablus, but damage and fatalities are also reported in many other areas, including parts of Transjordan, in particular the town of Salt.
  • 1 November - The Palestine pound, the currency of the British Mandate of Palestine between 1927 and 1948, goes into circulation.
  • Unknown dates

  • The founding of the kibbutz Beit Zera.
  • The founding of the kibbutz Ein Shemer.
  • The founding of the kibbutz Shefayim.
  • The founding of the moshav Hadar, one of the four original communities of Jewish agriculturalists that combined in 1964 to form Hod Hasharon.
  • Notable births

  • 16 January - Elazar ben Tsedaka ben Yitzhaq, Samaritan High Priest 2004–2010 (died 2010).
  • 2 May - Amos Kenan, Israeli columnist, painter, sculptor, playwright and novelist (died 2009).
  • 16 June - Ya'akov Hodorov, Israeli football goalkeeper (died 2006).
  • 5 October - Meir Feinstein, Irgun fighter and one of the Olei Hagardom (died 1947).
  • Full date unknown
  • Said al-Muragha, Palestinian Arab, former member of the PLO and founder of the Fatah Uprising group.
  • Daud Turki, Israeli Arab Communist poet and political activist, convicted of treason after it was discovered that he headed an extensive espionage and sabotage organization. (died 2009)
  • Notable deaths

  • 2 January - Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginsberg (Ahad Ha'am) (born 1856), Russian (Ukraine)-born Hebrew essayist and one of the foremost pre-state Zionist thinkers, known as the founder of Cultural Zionism.
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