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1921 in Canada

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1921 in Canada

Events from the year 1921 in Canada.



  • Head of state (monarch) – King George V (consort – Mary of Teck)
  • Federal government

  • Governor general – Victor Cavendish (until August 11) then Julian Byng (viceregal consort – Evelyn Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire then Evelyn Byng)
  • Prime minister – Arthur Meighen (until December 29) then William Lyon Mackenzie King
  • Lieutenant governors

  • Lieutenant Governor of Alberta – Robert Brett
  • Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia – Walter Cameron Nichol
  • Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba – James Albert Manning Aikins
  • Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick – William Pugsley
  • Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia – MacCallum Grant
  • Lieutenant Governor of Ontario – Lionel Herbert Clarke (until August 29) then Henry Cockshutt (from September 10)
  • Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island – Murdock MacKinnon
  • Lieutenant Governor of Quebec – Charles Fitzpatrick
  • Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan – Richard Stuart Lake (until February 17) then Henry William Newlands
  • Premiers

  • Premier of Alberta – Charles Stewart (until August 13) then Herbert Greenfield
  • Premier of British Columbia – John Oliver
  • Premier of Manitoba – Tobias Norris
  • Premier of New Brunswick – Walter Foster
  • Premier of Nova Scotia – George Henry Murray
  • Premier of Ontario – Ernest Drury
  • Premier of Prince Edward Island – John Howatt Bell
  • Premier of Quebec – Louis-Alexandre Taschereau
  • Premier of Saskatchewan – William Melville Martin
  • Commissioners

  • Gold Commissioner of Yukon – George P. MacKenzie
  • Commissioner of Northwest Territories – William Wallace Cory
  • Events

  • March 26 - The Bluenose is launched
  • May 28 and 29 -Founding of the Communist Party of Canada at a clandestine meeting held in a barn in Guelph, Ontario.
  • June 9 - Saskatchewan general election, 1921: William M. Martin's Liberals win a fifth consecutive majority
  • June 15 - Prohibition comes to an end in British Columbia
  • July 18 - Alberta general election, 1921: Herbert Greenfield's United Farmers of Alberta win a majority, defeating Premier Charles Stewart's Liberals
  • July 27 - Frederick Banting and Charles Best discover insulin
  • August 13 - Herbert Greenfield becomes premier of Alberta, replacing Charles Stewart
  • November 21 - Canada is granted a coat of arms by Royal Proclamation. Canada's official colours declared to be red and white
  • December 6 - Federal election: William Lyon Mackenzie King's Liberals win a minority, defeating Arthur Meighen's Conservatives. Agnes Macphail becomes the first woman elected to Parliament, representing the rural Ontario riding of Grey South East. That election was the first in which all Canadian women (at least 21 years of age) had the right to vote and to stand as candidates. Macphail was re-elected to the House of Commons four times and served for more than eighteen years. Later, she would be one of the first two women elected to the Ontario legislature.
  • December 29 - Mackenzie King becomes prime minister, replacing Arthur Meighen.
  • Full date unknown

  • The school board in Victoria, B.C., creates a segregated school for the Chinese population. After a boycott of the new school, the plan is scrapped.
  • A study of Saskatchewan school students discovers that 56% of them are infected with tuberculosis
  • Mary Ellen Smith in BC becomes the first woman cabinet minister in Canadian history.
  • Cenotaph, Montreal unveiled
  • War Memorial of Montreal West unveiled
  • Arts and literature

  • February 15 - The Capitol Theatre opened in Winnipeg.
  • March 12 - The Capitol Theatre, a lush 2,500 seat movie palace, opened on Vancouver's Granville Street.
  • Sports

  • April 4 - The Ottawa Senators beat the Vancouver Millionaires 2-1 to win the Stanley Cup
  • December 3 - The first East-West Grey Cup game took place between the Toronto Argonauts and the Edmonton Eskimos.
  • January to March

  • January 6 - Hazen Argue, politician (d.1991)
  • January 9 - Lister Sinclair, broadcaster, playwright and polymath (d.2006)
  • January 21 - Jacques Ferron, physician and author, founder of the Parti Rhinocéros (d.1985)
  • February 8 - Barney Danson, politician and soldier (d.2011)
  • February 21 - George Manuel, Aboriginal leader (d.1989)
  • February 25 - Pierre Laporte, Quebec politician and Minister, kidnapped and murdered by Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) (d.1970)
  • March 10 - Cec Linder, actor (d.1992)
  • March 27 - Calvin Gotlieb, professor and computer scientist
  • April to June

  • April 4 - Charles Dubin, lawyer and former Chief Justice of Ontario (d.2008)
  • April 30 - Don Jamieson, politician, diplomat and broadcaster (d.1986)
  • May 12 - Farley Mowat, conservationist and author
  • May 31 - Peter Fox, politician (d.1989)
  • June 8 - Alexis Smith, actress (d.1993)
  • June 25 - Celia Franca, ballet dancer and founder and artistic director of the National Ballet of Canada (d.2007)
  • July to December

  • July 6 - Allan MacEachen, politician, Minister and senator, first Deputy Prime Minister of Canada
  • August 4 - Maurice Richard, ice hockey player (d.2000)
  • August 8 - John Herbert Chapman, scientist and space researcher (d.1979)
  • August 11 - Allan Waters, businessman and media mogul (d.2005)
  • August 25 - Monty Hall, game show host, producer, actor, singer and sportscaster
  • September 5 – Murray Henderson, hockey player (Boston Bruins) (d.2013)
  • September 16 - Ursula Franklin, metallurgist, research physicist, author and educator
  • September 29 - James Cross, British diplomat kidnapped by the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ)
  • November 25 - Fraser Elliott, lawyer, supporter of the arts and philanthropist (d.2005)
  • December 4 - Deanna Durbin, singer and actress (d.2013)
  • December 6 - George Beurling, most successful Canadian fighter pilot of World War II (d.1948)
  • December 10 - Howard Fredeen, scientist and animal breeding researcher
  • Full date unknown

  • Fred Davis, broadcaster and moderator of Front Page Challenge (d.1996)
  • Deaths

  • January 21 - Arthur Sifton, politician and 2nd Premier of Alberta (b.1858)
  • August 29 - Lionel Herbert Clarke, businessman and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario (b.1859)
  • October 19 - George Washington Kendall (b.1881)
  • November 1 - Zoé Lafontaine, wife of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, 7th Prime Minister of Canada (b.1842)
  • November 10 - Jennie Kidd Trout, physician, first woman in Canada legally to become a medical doctor and only woman in Canada licensed to practice medicine until 1880 (b.1841)
  • November 27 - Douglas Colin Cameron, politician and Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba (b.1854)
  • References

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