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1921 Goodall Cup Finals

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Victoria  1
2  1
New South Wales  6
1  2
1  0
6  7
1921 Goodall Cup Finals

The 1921 Goodall Cup Final Is the return of the series after the Great War


The series

Game one

25 July 1921 With three players out of the line up due to influenza, Victoria quickly fell to New South Wales with only 1 goal to their 6.

Game two

27 July 1921 the second game of the series was easily won by New South Wales, defeating Victoria by a score of 7-2.

Game three

30 July 1921 New South Wales swept the visiting team Victoria in the interstate series by winning the 3rd and final game by a score of 3-1 in front of 2000 spectators. Victoria would score in the second half of the game but New South Wales returned by scoring 3 more to defeat Victoria for the third straight game by a score of 6-1.


The Victoria team was made from the following players

  • Gordon Langridge (Captain)
  • John Edwin Goodall (Vice Captain)
  • R. Marks
  • Andrew Reid
  • Mitch Harris
  • Ray Alexander
  • Ted Molonoy
  • W. Watkins
  • Victor Langsford
  • L. W. Roche
  • Cliff Webster (Goaltender)
  • New South Wales

    The New South Wales team was made from the following players

  • Jack Pike (Captain)
  • Leslie Reid (Vice Captain)
  • Jim Kendall
  • T. Gibson
  • K. Poulton
  • H. Ive
  • C. Gates
  • J. Lowick
  • C. Kerr (Goaltender)
  • Goal Umpires

    J. Duff and T. Reynolds

    Leading goaltenders

    The following goaltenders led the interstate championship for goals against average.


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