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1919 in jazz

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Decade  Pre-1920 in jazz
Music  1919 in music
1919 in jazz
See also  1918 in jazz – 1920 in jazz

This is a timeline documenting events of Jazz in the year 1919.


Births in that year included Art Blakey and Nat King Cole.


  • In 1919, although 70 blacks were killed by white mobs, a monumental step was made when he NAACP promoted the slogan "The new Negro has no fear", which helped the cause of jazz.
  • The Original Dixieland Jazz Band visited England in 1919 and generated new interest in the new music. Swiss conductor Ernest Ansermet also delivered an accolade to Sidney Bechet in Revue Romande, considered the first serious article on jazz in history, and Bechet is lauded as a gifted musician by many classical European musicians.
  • Sidney Bechet moves to New York City and joins Will Marion Cook's Southern Syncopated Orchestra and travels later travels to Europe where he discovers the soprano saxophone.
  • February -James Reese Europe and his Hellfighters return home and soon go on a tour of the states .
  • May 9- James Reese Europe is stabbed to death by Herbert Wright.
  • Standards

  • In 1919 the popular standard "Baby Won't You Please Come Home" was published.
  • Deaths

  • Henry Ford, New Orleans jazz string bass player
  • Henry Ragas, jazz pianist who played with the Original Dixieland Jass Band on their earliest recording sessions
  • James Reese Europe, ragtime and early jazz bandleader, arranger, and composer
  • Births

    The musicians listed below were American unless otherwise stated.


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