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1919 South American Championship

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Host country  Brazil
Venue(s)  1 (in 1 host city)
Fourth place  Chile
Start date  1919
Teams  4
Dates  May 11 – May 29
Runners-up  Uruguay
Matches played  7
End date  May 29, 1919
Goals scored  27
1919 South American Championship
Champion  Brazil national football team
Third place  Argentina national football team
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The 1919 South American Championship of Nations was the third continental championship for South American national football teams. It was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from May 11 to May 29, 1919.


The participating countries were Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay as the defending champion.

After finishing tied in the group positions, host Brazil beat Uruguay in the playoff match and obtained their first title. This was the longest match in the competition, since it was needed an extra time, which oddly consisted of four periods of 15 minutes each, and not two of 15 as is still usual nowadays.


There was no qualifying for the tournament. The participating countries were Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. All teams competed between each other in a single group. Two points were awarded for a win, one for a draw and zero for a defeat. If there was a tie of points at the top of the standings, a playoff match would be held to determine the champion.

Final round

Each team played one match against each of the other teams. Two (2) points were awarded for a win, one (1) point for a draw and zero (0) points for a defeat.


(*) Four extra times of 15 minutes each were played. This made the match last 150 minutes, the longest in the tournament's history.

Goal scorers

4 goals

3 goals

2 goals

  • Isabelino Gradín
  • 1 goal

    Own goals

  • Manuel Varela (for Argentina)
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