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1910 in architecture

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1910 in architecture

The year 1910 in architecture involved some significant architectural events and new buildings.



  • January 21 - Architect Adolf Loos delivers the lecture Ornament and Crime in Vienna.
  • April 27 - Futurist poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti issues the manifesto Contro Venezia passatista ("Against Past-loving Venice") in the Piazza San Marco.
  • Mary Colter is appointed full-time architect for the Fred Harvey Company in the United States.
  • Buildings opened

  • January 22 - Flinders Street railway station in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Fawcett and Ashworth.
  • May 11 - Pan American Union Building, Washington, D.C., designed by Paul Philippe Cret and Albert Kelsey.
  • June - Abdulla Shaig Puppet Theatre in Baku, Azerbaijan.
  • November 27 - Pennsylvania Station (New York City), designed by McKim, Mead and White.
  • Buildings completed

  • The Renauld Bank in Nancy, designed by Émile André and Paul Charbonnier.
  • The Ducret Apartment Building in Nancy, designed by André and Charbonnier.
  • Casa Milà in Barcelona, designed by Antoni Gaudí.
  • Goldman & Salatsch Building (the "Looshaus"), Michaelerplatz, Vienna, designed by Adolf Loos.
  • Steiner House in Vienna, designed by Adolf Loos.
  • Birmingham Oratory in Birmingham, England, designed by Edward Doran Webb.
  • Jacir Palace Hotel in Bethlehem.
  • Gereonshaus in Cologne, designed by Carl Moritz.
  • National Museum of Finland, Helsinki, designed by Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen.
  • Pilgrim Monument, Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Giesshübel warehouse in Zürich, designed by Robert Maillart.
  • Awards

  • Royal Gold Medal - Thomas Graham Jackson.
  • Grand Prix de Rome, architecture: Fernand Janin.
  • Births

  • May 23 - Sir Hugh Casson, British architect, interior designer, artist, influential writer and broadcaster (died 1999)
  • June 26 - Maciej Nowicki, Polish architect, chief architect of the new Indian city of Chandigarh (died 1950)
  • July 2 - Richard Sheppard, English architect specializing in educational buildings (died 1982)
  • August 12 - Eliot Noyes, American architect and industrial designer (died 1977)
  • August 20 - Eero Saarinen, Finnish American architect and industrial designer (died 1961), son of Eliel Saarinen
  • Deaths

  • March 13 - Sir Thomas Drew, Irish architect (born 1838)
  • May 14 - Gaetano Koch, Italian architect active in Rome (born 1849)
  • August 24 - Juste Lisch, French architect (born 1828)
  • References

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