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1910 college football season

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Champions  Harvard Crimson
Start date  1910
Champion  Harvard Crimson football
Total # of teams  74
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The 1910 NCAA football season had no clear-cut champion, with the Official NCAA Division I Football Records Book listing Harvard and Pittsburgh as having been selected national champions. Only Harvard claims a national championship for the 1910 season.



Rule changes were made prior to the 1910 season to permit more use of the forward pass, with complicated limitations:

  • The only eligible receivers were the two ends, who could catch a pass no more than 20 yards beyond the line of scrimmage, and could not be interfered with until the ball was caught.
  • A legal pass could not be thrown unless the quarterback was at least 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage and the rest of the players, except the two ends, were at least 1 yard behind the scrimmage line.
  • On kickoffs and punts, the kicking team's players could not be touched until they had advanced 20 yards
  • Flying tackles were outlawed, and "the man making a tackle must have at least one foot on the ground".
  • The ballcarrier could no longer be aided in any way by his teammates.
  • Other rules in 1910 were:

  • Field 110 yards in length
  • Kickoff made from midfield
  • Three downs to gain ten yards
  • Touchdown worth 5 points
  • Field goal worth 3 points
  • Game time based on agreement of the teams, not to exceed two 45 minute halves.
  • The season ran from September 24 until Thanksgiving Day (November 24).

    Conference and program changes

  • The Colorado Faculty Athletic Conference (CFAC) changed its name to the Rocky Mountain Faculty Athletic Conference (RMFAC, now just the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference) in 1910 after expanding into Utah.
  • Program changes

  • Arkansas changed its nickname from the Cardinals to the current Razorbacks.
  • Conference standings

    The following is a potentially incomplete list of conference standings:


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