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1907 College Football All America Team

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1907 College Football All-America Team

The 1907 College Football All-America team is composed of various organizations that chose College Football All-America Teams that season. The organizations that chose the teams included Collier's Weekly selected by Walter Camp.



  • Bill Dague, Navy (WC-1; NYT; CR)
  • Clarence Alcott, Yale (WC-1; CW-2; NYH; NYP; CF)
  • Albert Exendine, Carlisle (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-2; CW-1; NYW; CR)
  • Caspar Wister, Princeton (WC-3; CW-1; NYH; NYT; NYW; NYP, AFR)
  • Hunter Scarlett, Penn (WC-2; FY-1)
  • James Fox Macdonald, Harvard (WC-3; CW-2)
  • Bob Blake, Vanderbilt (FY-1, AFR)
  • Charles H. Watson, Cornell (CF)
  • Tackles

  • Dexter Draper, Penn (WC-1; CW-1; NYH; NYT; CR)
  • Lucius Horatio Biglow, Yale (WC-1; CW-1; NYT; NYW; NYP; FY-1; CF; CR [g], AFR)
  • Horr, Syracuse (WC-2; NYH)
  • Bernard O'Rourke, Cornell (WC-2; CW-2; NYP; CF)
  • Henry J. Weeks, Army (WC-3; CW-2)
  • Benjamin Lang, Dartmouth (WC-3)
  • Walter Rheinschild, Michigan (FY-1)
  • Daniel Pullen, Army (NYW)
  • Donnelly, Trinity (CR)
  • Guards

  • Gus Ziegler, Penn (WC-1; CW-1; NYH; NYT; CF; CR, AFR)
  • William Erwin, Army (WC-1; CW-1; NYT; FY-1; CF)
  • Edward Rich, Dartmouth (WC-2)
  • Elmer Thompson, Cornell (WC-2; CW-2; NYH; NYW; NYP; FY-1, AFR)
  • Francis Burr, Harvard (CW-2; NYP, AFR [as T])
  • William Goebel, Yale (WC-3)
  • Walter Kreider, Swathmore (WC-3)
  • Centers

  • Germany Schulz, Michigan (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; CW-2; FY-1; CF)
  • Patrick Grant, Harvard (WC-2; CW-1; NYW; NYP; CR)
  • Phillips, Princeton (WC-3; NYH)
  • Frank Slingluff, Jr., Navy (NYT)
  • Stein Stone, Vanderbilt (AFR)
  • Quarterbacks

  • Thomas A.D. Jones, Yale (WC-1; CW-1; NYH; NYT; NYW; NYP; CF)
  • Edward Dillon, Princeton (WC-2; CW-2; FY-1; CR)
  • Walter Steffen, Chicago (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-3)
  • Frank Mount Pleasant, Carlisle (AFR)
  • Halfbacks

  • John Wendell, Harvard (WC-1; CW-1; NYH; FY-1; CF; CR)
  • Edwin Harlan, Princeton (WC-1; NYT; NYW; NYP; FY-1, AFR)
  • John Marks, Dartmouth (WC-2)
  • Archibald H. "Tootsie" Douglas, Navy (WC-3 [fb]; CW-2; NYT; CF)
  • Bob Folwell, Penn (NYP; CR)
  • George Capron, Minnesota (WC-3)
  • Edward L. McCallie, Cornell (NYW)
  • John Glaze, Dartmouth (AFR)
  • Fullbacks

  • Ted Coy, Yale (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-2; CW-1 [hb]; NYH; NYP; FY-1; CF, CR, AFR)
  • Jim McCormick, Princeton (WC-1; CW-2; NYT; NYW)
  • Peter Hauser, Carlisle (WC-3 [hb]; CW-1; NYH [hb])
  • Bill Hollenback, Penn (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-2; CW-2)
  • Key

    NCAA recognized selectors for 1907

  • WC = Collier's Weekly as selected by Walter Camp
  • CW = Caspar Whitney
  • Other selectors

  • NYH = New York Herald
  • NYT = New York Tribune
  • NYW = New York World (Robert Edgren)
  • NYP = New York Press
  • FY = Fielding H. Yost, football coach of the University of Michigan, for the North American Press Syndicate.
  • CF = Carl Flanders
  • CR = Constant Reader
  • AFR = Abilene Semi Weekly Farm Reporter. "selected not according to their weight, but their conception of the new game"
  • Bold = Consensus All-American

  • 1 – First-team selection
  • 2 – Second-team selection
  • 3 – Third-team selection
  • References

    1907 College Football All-America Team Wikipedia

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