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1904 CAHL season

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Sport  ice hockey
Top scorer  Russell Bowie
Number of teams  5
Start date  1904
Champion  Quebec Bulldogs
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1904 CAHL season

League  Canadian Amateur Hockey League
Duration  January 2, 1904 – February 24, 1904

The 1904 Canadian Amateur Hockey League (CAHL) season was the sixth season of the league. Teams played an eight-game schedule. This was a tumultuous year as Ottawa resigned in February and defaulted four games. The Quebec Hockey Club placed first to take the championship. Quebec did not play for the Stanley Cup.


Also, prior to the start of the season a rival hockey league, the Federal Amateur Hockey League was started, with the Montreal Wanderers taking most of the 'Little Men of Iron' from the Montreal Hockey Club.


  • Harry Trihey, Shamrocks (President)
  • F. Stocking, Quebec (1st Vice-President)
  • J. P. Dickson ( 2nd Vice-President)
  • Fred McRobie, Montreal (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • As the Wanderers had signed players from Montreal, it was forbidden for teams to play games against FAHL teams, and for team officials to participate in FAHL activities.


    This season saw several impressive rookies including Frank Patrick for Montreal Victorias, Ernie (Moose) Johnson for Montreal and Alf Smith and Jim McGee for Ottawa.

    The season started out with Ottawa winning their first four games. However, in their third game against the Victorias, the Ottawa team arrived 1½ hours late. The game was called at midnight, with Ottawa ahead 4–1. After a game where the Shamrocks arrived late in Ottawa, the League levied fines against the Shamrocks and Ottawa, and ordered the Ottawa-Victorias game to be replayed. Despite a threat from Mr. Dickson of Ottawa that Ottawa would resign if the game was to be replayed, the League continued to demand that the game be played. The Ottawa club offered to play it if it had a bearing on the league championship, but this was not acceptable to the league. In the end, Ottawa resigned from the league and the league considered the final four games to be forfeits. This overshadowed a great season from Quebec, which won the CAHL season with a record of 5–1 (plus two wins by forfeit).

    Final Standing

    Resigned from league.

    Stanley Cup challenges

    Ottawa would leave the CAHL in mid-season, leaving Quebec to win the league. The Stanley Cup did not pass to the Quebec Bulldogs based on their league championship. The Cup trustees decided that the Cup went with Ottawa. Quebec refused to make a challenge for the Stanley Cup, arguing that the Cup belonged to the CAHL season winner.

    Winnipeg vs. Ottawa

    Before they resigned from the CAHL, Ottawa HC defended the Cup against the Winnipeg Rowing Club in a best two-of-three series played in Ottawa 9–1,2–6,2–0 (2–1).

    Source: Montreal Gazette

    Source: Montreal Gazette

    Source: Montreal Gazette


    After the season, the Montreal Victorias travelled to New York city, to play against Brooklyn Crescents and the New York Wanderers. The Victorias tied Brooklyn 8–8 and lost to the Wanderers 6–4.

    Schedule and results

    † Ordered to be replayed but never replayed as Ottawa resigned from league.

    †† Birthday of the Champion.

    Goaltending averages

    Note: GP = Games played, GA = Goals against, SO = Shutouts, GAA = Goals against average

    Scoring leaders

    Note: GP = Game played, G = Goals scored

    Stanley Cup engraving

    Cyclone Taylor scratched 'Fred W. Taylor' over the official engraving of 'OTTAWA 1904/Ottawa vs Wanderers'.

  • &Scott first name remains unknown.
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