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1899 in organized crime

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  • A gang war breaks out between the Hip Sing and On Leong Tongs over illegal gambling in New York's Chinatown.
  • New York Black Hand leader Giuseppe Morello is arrested for counterfeiting and sentenced to three years. Released in 1902, Morello establishes a system where counterfeit $5 US dollar bills would be printed in Sicily and smuggled into the United States.
  • Ignazio Lupo, known as "Lupo the Wolf", arrives in New York.
  • Charles Umbriaco arrives in New York later joining the Black Hand under Giuseppe Morello and Ignazio Lupo.
  • Births

  • Samuzzo Amatuna "Samoots", Chicago leader of Unione Siciliana
  • Louis Amberg, New York (Brooklyn) gangster
  • Anthony Carfano "Little Augie Pisano", Florida gambling racketeer
  • Joseph J. DiCarlo "Jerry the Wolf"; "Joe the Gyp", Stefano Magaddino gunman and Miami gambling racketeer
  • Murray Humphreys, Chicago Outfit member
  • Vincent John Rao (Frank Arra; Nunzio), Lucchese crime family consiglieri and associate of Willie Moretti
  • Jacob Shapiro, "Gurrah" Labor union racketeer
  • Abner Zwillman, "Longie" New Jersey Prohibition gangster
  • January 17 - Al Capone "Scarface", Chicago Mafia leader
  • December 1 - Gaetano Lucchese, Lucchese crime family founder
  • December 24 - Moe Dalitz [Morris Barney Dalitz], Cleveland mobster and Las Vegas casino owner
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