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1898 North Carolina Tar Heels football team

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Conference  Independent
Captain  Frank O. Rogers
1898 record  9–0
Head coach  William A. Reynolds (2nd year)

The 1898 North Carolina Tar Heels football team represented the University of North Carolina in the 1898 college football season. They played nine games with a final record of 9–0. The team captain for the 1898 season was Frank O. Rogers. The team claims a Southern championship.



The season opened with a 18–0 defeat of the Guilford Quakers. Charles Baskerville was umpire.

The starting lineup was Tate (left end), Shull (left tackle), Miller (left guard), Cunningham (center), Cromartie (right guard), Bennett (Right tackle), Klotz (right end), Rogers (quarterback), Howell (left halfback), Gregory (right halfback), Graves (fullback).

North Carolina A&M

In the second week of play, the Tar Heels defeated the in-state rival North Carolina A&M 34–0.

Greensboro A. A.

Against the Greensboro Athletic Association, UNC won 11–0.

Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge was beaten 11–0.

V. P. I.

Touchdowns were made by Bennett, Gregory, Copeland, Shull, and Howell in a 28–6 win over V. P. I.


North Carolina beat Davidson 11–0.


In Macon, the Tar Heels blew out the Georgia Bulldogs 53–0. Tick Tichenor wrote "Such a crush defeat as Georgia sustained at the hands of North Carolina today is almost unparalleled in football".

The starting lineup was Klotz (left end), Shull (left tackle), Cromartie (left guard), Cunningham (center), Phifer (right guard), Bennett (Right tackle), Gregoy (right end), Rodgers (quarterback), Austin (left halfback), McRae (right halfback), Graves (fullback).


The Tar Heels won over John Heisman's Auburn Tigers 29–0.


UNC beat rival Virginia 6–2, its first win since the first year of the South's Oldest Rivalry. The safety was made just as time called, and Howell scored for UNC.


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