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1896 College Football All America Team

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1896 College Football All-America Team

The 1896 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans for the 1896 college football season, as selected by Caspar Whitney for Harper's Weekly and the Walter Camp Football Foundation.



  • WC = Walter Camp Football Foundation
  • CW = Caspar Whitney, published in Harper's Weekly magazine.
  • PI = Philadelphia Inquirer
  • NYW = The World of New York selected by Harry Beecher
  • LES = Leslie's Weekly by W. T. Bull
  • Bold = Consensus All-American
  • Ends

  • Norman Cabot, Harvard (WC-1; PI-1; NYW-1; LES-1)
  • Charles Gelbert, Penn (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; PI-1; LES-1 [back])
  • Garrett Cochran, Princeton (NYW-1; LES-2)
  • Lyman M. Bass, Yale (LES-1)
  • Louis Hinkey, Yale (LES-2)
  • Tackles

  • William W. Church, Princeton (WC-1; PI-1; NYW-1; LES-1)
  • Fred T. Murphy, Yale (WC-1; NYW-1; LES-1)
  • Percy Haughton, Harvard (College Football Hall of Fame) (PI-1; LES-2)
  • James O. Rodgers, Yale (LES-2)
  • Guards

  • Charles Wharton, Penn (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; PI-1)
  • Wylie G. Woodruff, Penn (WC-1; PI-1; NYW-1; LES-1)
  • Shaw, Harvard (LES-2; NYW-1)
  • Crowdis, Princeton (LES-1)
  • L. J. Uffenheimer, Penn (LES-2)
  • Centers

  • Robert Gailey, Princeton (WC-1; PI-1; NYW-1; LES-2)
  • Burr Chamberlain, Yale (LES-1)
  • Quarterbacks

  • Clarence Fincke, Yale (WC-1; PI-1; NYW-1; LES-1)
  • F. L. Smith, Princeton (LES-2)
  • Halfbacks

  • Edgar Wrightington, Harvard (WC-1; PI-1; NYW-1)
  • Addison Kelly, Princeton (WC-1; PI-1; NYW-1; LES-2)
  • John William Dunlop, Harvard (LES-1)
  • William Bannard, Princeton (LES-2)
  • Fullbacks

  • John Baird, Princeton (WC-1; NYW-1; LES-1)
  • John Minds, Penn (College Football Hall of Fame) (PI-1)
  • Edward Newcomb Wrightington, Harvard (LES-2)
  • References

    1896 College Football All-America Team Wikipedia

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