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1848 in Norway

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1848 in Norway
Centuries:  17th 18th 19th 20th 21st
Decades:  1820s 1830s 1840s 1850s 1860s


  • Ålesund received city rights.
  • 10–12 March – March riots: after the newspaper Morgenbladet publishes news of the French Revolution of 1848, some 100 youths gather to make catcalls outside the house of the newspaper's editor, Adolf Bredo Stabell, in Christiania. Counter-demonstrations, in support of the French revolution and against a local ban on trade on Sundays, involved up to 3-4,000 people and led to clashes with the police and the military. Some 70 people were arrested.
  • Arts and literature

  • Brudeferden i Hardanger
  • Notable births

  • 3 February - Jørgen Løvland, politician and Prime Minister of Norway (d.1922)
  • 2 May - Hans Gabriel Nissen Buck, physician and politician (d.1924)
  • 17 May - Erik Jørgensen, master gunsmith (d.1896)
  • 27 May - Johan Bøgh, museum director and art historian (d.1933)
  • 12 June - Nordahl Rolfsen, writer, educationalist and teacher, journalist, translator and speaker (d.1928)
  • 20 June - Jens Carl Peter Brandt, businessperson and politician (d.1912)
  • 19 September - Gunnar Knudsen, politician and twice Prime Minister of Norway (d.1928)
  • 22 November - Lars Holst, journalist, newspaper editor and politician (d.1915)
  • 16 December - Georg Sverdrup, theologian and educator (d.1907)
  • 21 December - Viggo Ullmann, educator and politician (d.1910)
  • Full date unknown

  • Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen, author and college professor in America (d.1895)
  • Holm Hansen Munthe, architect (d.1898)
  • Kristian Mauritz Mustad, politician (d.1913)
  • Henrik Nissen, architect (d.1915)
  • Andreas Lauritz Thune, engineer and businessman (d.1920)
  • Notable deaths

  • 2 January – Frederik Motzfeldt, politician (born 1779).
  • 25 March – Nicolai Wergeland, priest, writer and politician (born 1780).
  • 24 December – Hans Nicolai Lange, priest and politician (born 1795)
  • Full date unknown

  • Ole Hersted Schjøtt, clergyman and politician (born 1805)
  • References

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