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1822 in architecture

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1822 in architecture

The year 1822 in architecture involved some significant events.


Buildings completed

  • Piazza del Popolo, Rome, by Giuseppe Valadier, completed.
  • Saint David's Building, the original home of St David's College, Lampeter, Wales, by Charles Cockerell.
  • Reconstruction and new prison buildings at Chester Castle, England, by Thomas Harrison.
  • St Pancras New Church, London, by William and Henry William Inwood.
  • Kalupur Swaminarayan Mandir, Ahmedabad, British Raj.
  • Assembly Rooms, Aberdeen, Scotland, by Archibald Simpson.
  • Second Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, United States, by William Strickland.
  • Main building of Government Palace (Finland) in Helsinki Senate Square, by Carl Ludvig Engel.
  • Façade of Register House, Princes Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, by Robert Reid.
  • Reconstruction of Royal Pavilion, Brighton, England by John Nash.
  • Yelagin Palace, Saint Petersburg, by Carlo Rossi.
  • Cartland Bridge, Scotland, by Thomas Telford.
  • Pont de pierre (Bordeaux), by Jean-Baptiste Billaudel and Claude Deschamps.
  • Awards

  • Grand Prix de Rome, architecture: Émile Gilbert.
  • Births

  • January 9 - Carol Benesch, Silesian and Romanian architect (died 1896)
  • April 27 - Frederick Law Olmsted, American landscape architect (died 1903)
  • September 12 - Philip Charles Hardwick, English architect (died 1892)
  • December 6 - David Stirling, Scottish-born Dominion architect for federal works in Nova Scotia (died 1887)
  • December - Frank Wills, English-born architect working in North America (died 1857)
  • Deaths

  • John Bowden, Irish ecclesiastical architect
  • Luigi Rusca, Swiss architect working in Russia (born 1762)
  • References

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