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1787 in poetry

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1787 in poetry

Nationality words link to articles with information on the nation's poetry or literature (for instance, Irish or France).



  • April 17 – The Edinburgh edition of Scottish poet Robert Burns' Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect is published by William Creech including a portrait of Burns by Alexander Nasmyth. Burns has great social success in the city's literary circles; 16-year-old Walter Scott meets him at the house of Adam Ferguson. On December 4 he meets Agnes Maclehose at a party given by Miss Erskine Nimmo.
  • United Kingdom

  • Robert Burns:
  • Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect (see also the editions of 1786, 1793)
  • see also Richard Glover's The Scots Musical Museum, below
  • Anne Francis, Charlotte to Werter
  • Richard Glover, The Atheniad
  • James Johnson, editor, The Scots Musical Museum, an anthology with 177 of the 600 songs written by Robert Burns, who had collected many of the others; published in six volumes from this year to 1803; Volumes 2–5 edited by Burns
  • George Keate, The Distressed Poet
  • Sophia Lee, A Hermit's Tale, published anonymously
  • Robert Merry, Paulina; or, The Russian Daughter
  • John Ogilvie, The Fame of the Druids, published anonymously
  • Henry James Pye, Poems on Various Subjects, including "Aerophorion", possibly the first poem about an aviator (James Sadler (balloonist))
  • Edward Rushton, West-Indian Eclogues, published anonymously
  • John Thelwall, Poems on Various Subjects
  • John Wolcot, writing under the pen name "Peter Pindar", Ode Upon Ode; or, A Peep at St. James
  • Ann Yearsley, Poems, on Various Subjects
  • United States

  • Joel Barlow, The Vision of Columbus, nine books; describes America as prosperous and improving, seeks to promote "the love of national liberty" in Americans (revised as The Columbiad 1807)
  • James Beattie, Poems on Several Occasions
  • Peter Markoe, Miscellaneous Poems
  • Other

  • Jean-François Marmontel, Éléments de littérature, including rewritten parts of Poétique française (1763), French criticism
  • Évariste-Désiré Parny, Chansons madécasses, prose poems (later set to music by Ravel; France
  • Births

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  • May 14 – Alexander Laing (died 1857), Scottish poet
  • November 15 – Richard Henry Dana, Sr. (died 1879), American poet, critic and lawyer
  • November 21 – Bryan Procter ("Barry Cornwall") (died 1874), English poet
  • December 16 – Mary Russell Mitford (died 1855), English novelist, poet and dramatist
  • Margaret Miller Davidson, Sr. (died 1844), American novelist, mother of poets Lucretia Maria Davidson, Margaret Miller Davidson and Levi P. Davidson
  • Susanna Hawkins (died 1868), Scottish poet
  • Deaths

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  • February 13 – Ruđer Bošković (born 1711), Ragusan polymath and poet
  • September 1 – Agatha Lovisa de la Myle (born 1724), Baltic-German and Latvian poet
  • September – Moses Browne (born 1704), English poet and clergyman
  • November 3 – Robert Lowth (born 1710), English Anglican Bishop, poet, professor of poetry at the University of Oxford, grammarian who wrote one of the most influential textbooks on English grammar
  • December 18 – Soame Jenyns (born 1704), English writer and poet
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