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1785 in architecture

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1785 in architecture

The year 1785 in architecture involved some significant architectural events and new buildings.



  • July 17 - A groundbreaking ceremony is held for the Pella Palace in Russia, designed by Ivan Starov; it will never be completed.
  • Buildings completed

  • May 19 - Plaza de Toros de Ronda, Spain.
  • Attingham Park, Shropshire, England, designed by George Steuart.
  • Chertsey Bridge over the River Thames in England, designed by James Paine and Kenton Couse.
  • Marble Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia, designed by Antonio Rinaldi.
  • Church of St. Stephen Harding in Apátistvánfalva.
  • Odigitrievsky Cathedral in Ulan Ude, Russia.
  • Palace of Iturbide in Mexico City, designed by Francisco Antonio de Guerrero y Torres.
  • Grand Palace, Bangkok, completed.
  • Rebuilding of Babolovo Palace in Tsarskoe Selo, Russia, by Ilya Neyelov.
  • Modifications to Neue Kirche, Berlin, by Georg Christian Unger after a design by Carl von Gontard.
  • Mussenden Temple on the north coast of Ireland.
  • Births

  • October 29 - Achille Leclère, French architect (died 1853)
  • William Cubitt, English civil engineer (died 1861)
  • Deaths

  • August 11 - Marie-Joseph Peyre, French architect (born 1730)
  • September 26 - Ventura Rodríguez, Spanish architect and artist (born 1717)
  • References

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