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1762 in art

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1762 in art

Events from the year 1762 in art.



  • Trevi Fountain in Rome is completed after thirty years of work, with Nicola Salvi's design being modified by Giovanni Paolo Panini.
  • The art collection of Joseph Smith, former British consul in Venice, including many works by Canaletto, is sold to King George III of Great Britain for the Royal Collection.
  • James Stuart and Nicholas Revett's Antiquities of Athens is published.
  • Horace Walpole begins publication of Anecdotes of Painting in England, based on George Vertue's manuscript notes.
  • Paintings

  • Thomas Davies – An East View of the Great Cataract of Niagara
  • François-Hubert Drouais – Portrait of Dmitry Mikhaylovich Golitsyn
  • Nathaniel Hone – Portrait of Lieutenant-General the Hon Philip Sherard and Captain William Tiffin at the Battle of Brücke-Mühl
  • Allan Ramsay – Portraits of George III of Great Britain; Queen Charlotte; and the Countess of Elgin
  • Joshua Reynolds – Portraits of Sir Charles Spencer; the Earl of Shaftesbury; Emma, Lady Edgcumbe; and Ostenaco, Mankiller of Keowee
  • George Stubbs (some dates approximate)
  • Lion Attacking a Horse (two versions)
  • Mare and Foals belonging to the 2nd Viscount Bolingbroke
  • Mare and Foals with an unfigured background
  • The Marquess of Rockingham's Scrub with John Singleton up
  • Molly Longlegs with a jockey
  • Scrub, a horse belonging to the Marquess of Rockingham
  • Whistlejacket
  • Whistlejacket with the head groom Mr Cobb and the two other principal stallions in the Wentworth stud
  • Johann Zoffany
  • The Garden at Hampton House, with Mr and Mrs David Garrick taking tea
  • The Shakespeare Temple at Hampton House, with Mr and Mrs David Garrick
  • Births

  • February 29 – Eberhard Wächter, painter (died 1852)
  • June 16 – Giuseppe Bernardino Bison, Italian painter, especially of history pieces, genre depictions, and whimsical and imaginary landscapes (died 1844)
  • August 10 – Arthur William Devis – English portrait and historical painter (died 1822)
  • October 4 – William Sawrey Gilpin, watercolour painter (died 1843)
  • December 30 – John Emes, British engraver and water-colour painter (died 1810)
  • date unknown
  • Pierre-Michel Alix, French engraver (died 1817)
  • James Bisset, Scottish-born artist, manufacturer, writer, collector, art dealer and poet (died 1832)
  • Giovanni Battista Ballanti, sculptor (died 1835)
  • Vicente Calderón de la Barca, Spanish historical painter (died 1794)
  • Pietro Fontana, Italian engraver (died 1837)
  • Anna Rajecka, Polish painter and drawing artist (died 1832)
  • Francesco Rosaspina, Italian engraver (died 1841)
  • Jan Rustem, Turkish-born portrait painter (died 1835)
  • William Frederick Wells, English watercolour painter and etcher (died 1836)
  • Deaths

  • January 11 – Louis-François Roubiliac, French sculptor (born 1695)
  • April 2 – Johann Georg Bergmüller, painter of frescoes (born 1688)
  • July 16 – Giovanni Francesco Braccioli, Italian painter, mainly active in Ferrara (born 1698)
  • July 20 – Paul Troger, Austrian painter, draughtsman and printmaker of the late Baroque period (born 1698)
  • July 27 – Edmé Bouchardon, French sculptor (born 1698)
  • August 31 – Pietro Rotari, Italian painter of portraits and altarpieces (born 1707)
  • October 22 – Karl Aigen, German painter, master painter/tutor with Daniel Gran in Vienna (born 1684)
  • November 18 – Agostino Veracini, Italian painter and engraver (born 1689)
  • date unknown
  • Joseph Antony Adolph, Moravian painter (born 1729)
  • Jean-Baptiste Gilles, French painter of portraits in miniature and water-colours (born 1680)
  • Andreas Møller, Danish portrait painter and pioneer of miniature painting (born 1684)
  • Lars Pinnerud, Norwegian farmer and woodcarver (born 1700)
  • References

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