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1752 in literature

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1752 in literature

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1752.



  • January 4 – Paper War of 1752–1753: in the first issue of The Covent-Garden Journal Henry Fielding starts his long-running quarrel with John Hill, by declaring war against hack writers. Tobias Smollett soon becomes involved, accusing Fielding of plagiarism.
  • Thomas Sheridan introduces a version of Shakespeare's Coriolanus incorporating portions of the version by James Thomson as Coriolanus, or The Roman Matron at the Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin.
  • Lewis Hallam opens a tour of north America with his brother William's company at Williamsburg, Virginia, with Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.
  • Library at Melk Abbey in Lower Austria completed.
  • Fiction

  • Charlotte Lennox – The Female Quixote
  • Voltaire – Histoire du docteur Akakia et du natif de Saint-Malo
  • Drama

  • Samuel Foote – Taste
  • Poetry

  • Moses Browne – The Works and Rest of the Creation
  • John Byrom – Enthusiasm
  • Richard Owen Cambridge – A Dialogue Between a Member of Parliament and His Servant
  • Thomas Cooke – Pythagoras
  • William Mason – Elfrida
  • Christopher Smart – Poems
  • Non-fiction

  • George Ballard – Memoirs of Several Ladies of Great Britain Who Have Been Celebrated for their Writing or Skill in the Learned Languages, Arts, and Sciences
  • George Berkeley – A Miscellany
  • Thomas Birch – The Life of John Tillotson
  • Francis Blackburne – A Serious Inquiry into the Use and Importance of External Religion
  • William Dodd – The Beauties of Shakespeare
  • Henry Fielding as "Sir Alexander Drawcansir" – The Covent-Garden Journal (periodical)
  • John Hawkesworth – The Adventurer (periodical)
  • David Hume – Political Discourses
  • William Law
  • The Spirit of Love
  • The Way to Divine Knowledge
  • Henry St. John – Letters on the Study and Use of History
  • José Francisco de Isla – Cartas de Juan de la Encina
  • Diego de Torres Villarroel – Obra`
  • Births

  • January 3 – Johannes von Müller Swiss historian (died 1809)
  • June 13 – Fanny Burney, English novelist and diarist (died 1840)
  • November 20 – Thomas Chatterton, English poet and forger of medieval poetry (died 1770)
  • Deaths

  • September 19 – Louis Fuzelier, French dramatist (born 1672)
  • October 24 – Christian Falster, Danish poet and philologist (born 1690)
  • November 2 – Johann Albrecht Bengel, German New Testament commentator (born 1687)
  • November 5 – Carl Andreas Duker, German classical scholar (born 1670)
  • Unknown dates
  • Péter Apor, Hungarian historian writing in Latin (born 1676)
  • Li E (厲鶚), Chinese poet (born 1692)
  • In literature

  • May 14 – Appin Murder in Scotland inspires Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Kidnapped (1886).
  • September–December – Jovan Šević's migration to Slavo-Serbia inspires Miloš Crnjanski's novel Сеобе (Seobe, "Migrations", 1929).
  • References

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