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1751 in poetry

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1751 in poetry

— Thomas Gray, Elegy Written in a Country Church-Yard, published this year


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  • Christopher Smart wins the Seatonian Prize for the second year in a row. He will also win the prize in 1753 and 1755.
  • United Kingdom

  • Richard Owen Cambridge, The Scribleriad, in six books, first published separately from January through March
  • Thomas Cooke, An Ode on the Powers of Poetry, published anonymously
  • Nathaniel Cotton, Visions in Verse, published anonymously, a verse version for children of Gay's Fables 1727
  • Thomas Gray, Elegy Written in a Country Church-Yard, published anonymously, a literary sensation published February 15 by Robert Dodsley in a quarto pamphlet with a preface by Horace Walpole (reprinted in Designes by Mr. R. Bentley 1753 and in Gray's Poems 1768); an important work of the Graveyard poets movement
  • Mary Leapor, Poems Upon several Occasions, edited by Samuel Richardson and Isaac Hawkins, published posthumously (see also Poems upon Several Occasions 1748
  • Moses Mendes, The Seasons
  • Alexander Pope, The Works of Alexander Pope, edited by William Warburton, published posthumously
  • Switzerland, German language

  • Johann Jakob Bodmer:
  • Die Sundflutz, an epic
  • Noah, an epic
  • Solomon Gessner, Lied eines Schweizers an sein bewaffnetes Madchen, German-language work published in Switzerland
  • Other

  • Christoph Martin Wieland, Nature of Things, alexandrine verse, in six books; Germany
  • Births

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  • January 22 – David Richards (Dafydd Ionawr) (died 1827), Welsh poet
  • February 20 – Johann Heinrich Voss (died 1826), German poet
  • October 15 – David Samwell (Dafydd Ddu Feddyg) (died 1798), Welsh naval surgeon and poet
  • October 30 – Richard Brinsley Sheridan (died 1816), Irish playwright, poet, speechwriter and Whig politician
  • Probable date – Mary Scott (died 1793), English poet
  • Approximate date – Henrietta Battier (died 1813), Irish poet, satirist and actress
  • Deaths

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  • April 19 – John Bancks (Banks) (born 1709), English poet and author
  • May 24 – William Hamilton (born 1665?), Scottish comic poet
  • October 26 – Philip Doddridge (born 1702), English Nonconformist preacher and writer
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