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1750 in art

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1750 in art

Events from the year 1750 in art.



  • The Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia is founded by the Venetian Senate as Venice’s school of painting, sculpture, and architecture, with Giovanni Battista Piazzetta as its first president.
  • Marcello Bacciarelli enters the service of Augustus, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland.
  • Works

  • Canaletto paints
  • Bacino di S. Marco: From the Piazzetta (National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia)
  • The Thames from the Terrace of Somerset House, Looking toward St. Paul's (Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut)
  • A View of the Molo and the Riva degli Schiavone in Venice (Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven)
  • Andrea Casali paints Lucretia (approximate date)
  • Nihâl Chand paints Bani Thani (approximate date)
  • Filippo della Valle carves the Annunziata bas-relief at Sant'Ignazio Church, Rome
  • Georg Desmarées paints The Artist with his daughter Antonia (approximate date) and Portrait of Maria Rosa Walburga von Soyer
  • Thomas Gainsborough paints Mr and Mrs Andrews
  • William Hogarth paints the satirical The March of the Guards to Finchley
  • Maruyama Okyo paints The Ghost of Oyuki in ink on silk
  • Frans van der Mijn paints a portrait of the English politician, architect and collector Sir Thomas Robinson, 1st Baronet
  • Claude Joseph Vernet paints a Times of Day series
  • Births

  • March 9 – Johann Friedrich August Tischbein (Leipziger Tischbein), German painter (died 1812)
  • June 5 – Claude-Jean-Baptiste Hoin, French portrait and landscape painter (died 1817)
  • July 21 – Daniel Caffé, German pastel painter of portraits (died 1850)
  • October 30 – Jan Bulthuis, Dutch draftsman and painter (died 1801)
  • December 6 – Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes, French painter (died 1819)
  • December 8 – Giuseppe Cades, Italian sculptor, painter, and engraver (died 1799)
  • date unknown
  • Luigi Agricola, Italian painter and jeweler (died 1821)
  • John Boyne, British water-colour painter (died 1810)
  • P. Jean-Baptiste Bradel, French draughtsman and engraver (died unknown)
  • Manuel de la Cruz, Spanish painter (died 1792)
  • John Downman, English portrait painter (died 1824)
  • George Engleheart, English painter of portrait miniatures (died 1829)
  • Ludwig Guttenbrunn, Austrian painter (died 1816)
  • Francesco Pozzi, Italian engraver (died 1805)
  • Samuel Shelley, English miniaturist and watercolour painter (died 1808)
  • Stefano Tofanelli, Italian painter during the Neoclassic period (died 1810)
  • François Marie Suzanne, French sculptor, who created a terracotta figure of Benjamin Franklin in 1793
  • Deaths

  • March 7 – Cornelis Troost, Dutch painter (born 1697)
  • April - Guillaume Taraval, Swedish painter of French descent (born 1701)
  • April 29 – Egid Quirin Asam, German plasterer and sculptor (born 1692)
  • June 25 - Diego Francesco Carlone, Italian sculptor (born 1674)
  • July 31 – Juste-Aurèle Meissonnier, French goldsmith, sculptor, painter, architect, and furniture designer (born 1695)
  • August 12 – Rachel Ruysch, Dutch artist who specialized in still-life paintings of flowers (born 1664)
  • August 20 – Nishikawa Sukenobu, Japanese ukiyo-e printmaker from Kyoto (born 1671)
  • date unknown
  • Francesco Boccaccino, Italian painter, born at Cremona (born 1680)
  • Mattia Bortoloni, Italian Rococo painter (born 1696)
  • Leonardo Coccorante, Italian painter especially of large, highly detailed landscapes with imaginary classical architectural ruins (born 1680)
  • Antonio David, Italian portrait painter, especially of the House of Stuart (born 1698)
  • Jan Griffier II, English painter (born 1688)
  • Philipp Ferdinand de Hamilton, painter from the Southern Netherlands active in Austria (born 1664)
  • probable – Robert Griffier, Dutch landscape painter (born 1688)
  • References

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