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1749 in poetry

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1749 in poetry

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United Kingdom

  • John Brown, On Liberty
  • William Collins:
  • Ode Occasion'd by the Death of Mr. Thomson, James Thomson died in August 1748
  • "The Passions"
  • Thomas Cooke, An Ode on Beauty, published anonymously
  • Joseph Dumbleton, "A Rhapsody on Rum", a popular, solemn poem by a Southern newspaper versifier describing how rum destroys a drinker; first published in the ' 'South Carolina Gazette' ' and reprinted in newspapers throughout English Colonial America
  • Aaron Hill, Gideon; or, The Patriot
  • Samuel Johnson, The Vanity of Human Wishes: The tenth satire of Juvenal, imitated
  • Henry Jones, Poems on Several Occasions
  • William Mason, Isis: An elegy
  • Gilbert West, Odes of Pindar
  • Other

  • Joseph Green, "Entertainment for a Winter's Evening," a satirical poem about Boston's first Masonic procession; published in Boston, Colonial America
  • Ewald von Kleist, Spring; Germany
  • Anonymous, Fuqek Nitħaddet Malta ("I am talking about you, Malta"), Malta, approximate date
  • Births

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  • April 19 – Ōta Nanpo (大田 南畝), the most oft-used pen name of Ōta Tan, whose other pen names include Yomo no Akara, Yomo Sanjin, Kyōkaen, and Shokusanjin 蜀山人 (died 1823), late Edo period Japanese poet and fiction writer
  • May 4 – Charlotte Turner Smith (died 1806), English poet and novelist
  • August 28 – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (died 1832), German writer
  • December 15 – James Graeme (died 1772), Scottish poet
  • December 25 – Samuel Jackson Pratt (died 1814), English poet and writer
  • Undated – Wang Yun (died 1819), Chinese poet and playwright during the Qing dynasty
  • Deaths

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  • January 22 – Matthew Concanen (born 1701), Irish-born English poet and writer
  • May – Samuel Boyse (born 1702/3), Irish poet
  • June 18 – Ambrose Philips (born 1674), English poet and politician
  • August 13 – Johann Elias Schlegel (born 1719), German critic and poet
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