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1743 in Sweden

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1743 in Sweden

Events from the year 1743 in Sweden



  • Monarch – Frederick I
  • Events

  • March - The peasant estate in the Riksdag of the Estates support Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark before Adolf Frederik of Holstein-Gottorp, as candidate to the post of heir to the Swedish throne.
  • May - Three of the four estates in the Riksdag of the Estates: the nobility, the clergy and the burghers, offers to support the Russian candidate as heir to the Swedish throne in exchange for favorable peace terms with Russia.
  • 11 June - Dalecarlian Rebellion (1743). A rebel army of peasants march toward Stockholm to prevent the election of Adolf Frederik of Holstein-Gottorp as heir to the Swedish throne and punish those responsible for the war.
  • 16 June - Preliminary peace between Sweden and Russia.
  • 22 June - The rebel army reach Stockholm, where they are dispersed by the military.
  • 23 June - Adolf Frederik of Holstein-Gottorp, the candidate of Empress Elizabeth I of Russia, is elected heir to the Swedish throne.
  • July - Execution of Henrik Magnus von Buddenbrock.
  • 7 August - Treaty of Åbo.
  • September – Denmark threatens to declare war because their candidate, Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, was not chosen as heir to the Swedish throne, which result in Sweden having to accept a Russian protective force in Sweden.
  • - Den sörgande Turtur-dufvan by Hedvig Charlotta Nordenflycht.
  • - Elisabeth Christina von Linné publishes her discovery of the Tropaeolum majus.
  • Births

  • 1 February - Johan Christopher Toll, soldier (died 1817)
  • April 17 - Johan Törnström, sculptor (died 1828)
  • 11 November - Carl Peter Thunberg, naturalist and an apostle of Carl Linnaeus (died 1828)
  • 15 December - Eva Helena Löwen, socialite, agent and royal favorite (died 1813)
  • Deaths

  • July - Execution of Henrik Magnus von Buddenbrock, Lieutenant General (born 1685)
  • 22 march - Emerentia von Düben, royal favorite (born 1669)
  • 23 September - Erik Benzelius the younger, theologian (born 1675)
  • 20 October - Michael Dahl, painter (born 1659)
  • References

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