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1723 in Sweden

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1723 in Sweden

Events from the year 1723 in Sweden



  • Monarch – Frederick I
  • Events

  • January – The Riksdag of the Estates is assembled. The party in favor of naming Charles Frederick, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp as heir to the throne is strengthened, supported by the Empire of Russia.
  • January – Frederick I tries, but fail, to strengthen the royal power against the parliament with the support of Hovpartiet, the Holstein Party fills the royal council with its followers, and Arvid Horn become a leading force within Swedish politics.
  • 1 May - A great fire in Stockholm destroys the Katarina Church and a large part of the city around it.
  • 17 October - A law is passed, in which the Riksdag of the Estates is granted power over the monarch and the royal council.
  • - The farmers of the state are allowed to buy the land they use.
  • - The Lutheran church begin to persecute Pietism, which is becoming popular in Sweden and spreading by the home coming Carolean soldiers from the Great Northern War.
  • - A new educational law is passed were all parents are obliged ensure that their children knows how to read and write.
  • - A French opera company, the Académie royale de musique (Stockholm), are employed to perform at Bollhuset.
  • Births

  • 5 April - Catherine Charlotte De la Gardie, countess and heroine, famed as a pioneer of vaccination and for preventing a witch trial (died 1763)
  • 9 May - Pehr Osbeck, explorer, naturalist (died 1805)
  • 11 October - Hedvig Strömfelt, psalm writer and a leading member of Moravian Church (died 1766)
  • - Maria Carowsky, painter (died 1793)
  • - Eva Merthen, war heroine (died 1811)
  • Catharina Justander, Finnish (Swedish) pietist missionary (died 1778)
  • Deaths

  • - Beata Elisabet von Königsmarck, countess and landowner (born 1637)
  • References

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