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1668 in art

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1668 in art

Events from the year 1668 in art.



  • The Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford is completed, to a design by Sir Christopher Wren with ceiling paintings by Robert Streater.
  • Works

  • Jan de Bray – The artist and his wife as Ulysses and Penelope
  • Gerard de Lairesse – Allegory of the Five Senses
  • Charles Le Brun
  • La Colère
  • Equestrian portrait of Louis XIV
  • Adriaen van de Velde - Frozen Canal with Skaters and Hockey Players
  • Jan Vermeer – The Astronomer
  • Births

  • date unknown
  • Giovanni Battista Cassana, Italian painter of fruit, flowers, and still-life (died 1738)
  • Étienne-Jehandier Desrochers, French engraver (died 1741)
  • Yun Du-seo, Korean painter and scholar of the Joseon period (died 1715)
  • Jan Griffier II, English painter (died 1750)
  • Clemente Ruta, Italian painter specializing in landscapes with pen and watercolor (died 1767)
  • Francesco Maria Schiaffino, Italian sculptor (died 1763)
  • Alessandro Specchi, Italian architect and engraver (died 1729)
  • Carlo Antonio Tavella, Italian painter of landscapes (died 1738)
  • Giuseppe Tonelli, Italian painter of frescoes and quadratura (died 1732)
  • Theodor van Pee, Dutch painter (died 1746)
  • Domenico Maria Viani, Italian painter of churches, born in Bologna (died 1711)
  • Peter Schubart von Ehrenberg, painter and stage designer active in Vienna (d. unknown)
  • probable – Giacomo Antonio Arland, Italian painter of the Baroque period (died 1743)
  • Deaths

  • February 8 – Alessandro Tiarini, Italian Baroque painter of frescoes, façade decorations, and altarpieces (born 1557)
  • April 21 – Jan Boeckhorst, German-born Flemish Baroque painter (born 1604)
  • May 19 – Philips Wouwerman, Dutch painter (born 1619)
  • August 23 – Artus Quellinus the Elder, Flemish sculptor (born 1609)
  • September – Jan Miense Molenaer, Dutch genre painter (born 1610)
  • September 4 - Titus van Rijn, son and model of Rembrandt (born 1641)
  • date unknown
  • Benito Manuel Agüero, Spanish painter of the Baroque period (born 1624)
  • Giulio Benso, Genovese painter of the early Baroque (born 1592)
  • Giovanni Battista Bolognini, Italian painter and engraver of the Baroque (born 1611)
  • Philips de Marlier, Flemish Baroque painter and copyist (born 1600)
  • Jan Goedart, Dutch painter famous for his illustrations of insects (born 1620)
  • Antonio Travi, deaf Italian landscape painter (born 1613)
  • References

    1668 in art Wikipedia

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