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1649 in philosophy

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1649 in philosophy

1649 in philosophy



  • Christina, Queen of Sweden (reigned 1633–1654) invited René Descartes to educate her in his philosophical views, particularly his insight into Catholicism.
  • Descartes arrived on 4 October 1649, and tutored her for the next 4 months until he caught pneumonia and died ten days later on 11 February 1650. Speculations have been made as to the causes of his illness. Some cite the icy weather, others argue it could have been elicited by the rigorous schedule asked of Descartes by the queen. In 1991 a German scholar published a book questioning this account and more arguments against its veracity have been raised.


  • René Descartes - Passions of the Soul
  • Pierre Gassendi - Animadversiones
  • John Milton - Tenure of Kings and Magistrates
  • Births

  • Samuel Bold - English advocate of John Locke's argument for religious toleration
  • Samuel Johnson (pamphleteer) - One of the major developers of the Whig resistance theory
  • Deaths

  • Caspar Schoppe (19 November 1649) – Best known for his book Grammatica philosophica (Milan, 1628)
  • References

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