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1629 in science

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1629 in science

The year 1629 in science and technology involved some significant events.



  • In London, John Parkinson publishes Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris: a garden of all sorts of pleasant flowers which our English ayre will permit to be noursed up.
  • Chemistry

  • English alchemist Arthur Dee, court physician to Michael I of Russia, compiles Fasciculus Chemicus, Chymical Collections. Expressing the Ingress, Progress, and Egress, of the Secret Hermetick Science out of the choicest and most famous authors.
  • Medicine

  • Plague breaks out in Mantua and spreads to Milan.
  • In Toulouse, Niall Ó Glacáin publishes Tractatus de Peste.
  • Technology

  • In Rome, Giovanni Branca publishes Le Machine volume nuovo, et di molto artificio da fare effetti maravigliosi tanto Spiritali quanto di Animale Operatione, arichito di bellissime figure.
  • Births

  • April 14 – Christiaan Huygens, Dutch mathematician and physicist (died 1695)
  • Laurent Cassegrain, French priest and physicist (died 1693)
  • Jan Commelijn, Dutch botanist (died 1692)
  • Christophe Glaser, Swiss pharmacian (died 1672)
  • Johann Glaser, Swiss anatomist (died 1675)
  • Agnes Block, Dutch horticulturalist (died 1704)
  • Deaths

  • July 13 – Caspar Bartholin the Elder, Danish polymath, physician and theologian (born 1585)
  • Giovanni Faber, German papal doctor and botanist (born 1574)
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