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1627 in poetry

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1627 in poetry

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  • English poet Sir John Beaumont, 1st Baronet presented with the Beaumont Baronetcy, of Grace Dieu in the County of Leicester
  • Great Britain

  • Michael Drayton, The Battaile of Agincourt
  • Phineas Fletcher, Locustae, in Latin with English paraphrasing
  • Thomas May, translator, Lucan's Pharsalia; or, The Civill Warres of Rome, between Pompey the Great, and Julius Caesar, translated from Latin, completed in 10 books (first three translated books published first in 1626; see also A Continuation 1630)
  • Richard Niccols, The Beggers Ape, published anonymously
  • Other

  • Gabriel Bocángel, Rimas ("Verses"), containing both ballads and sonnets; Spain
  • Luis de Góngora (died May 24), Works in verse by the Spanish Homer, collected by Juan López de Vicuña, published posthumously; includes numerous sonnets, odes, ballads, songs for guitar, La Fábula de Polifemo y Galatea, Las Soledades and other long poems; Spain
  • François de Malherbe and others, Recueil des plus beaux vers des poètes de ce temps, with many poems by Malherbe and his acknowledged disciples; France
  • John of the Cross (died 1591), Spiritual Canticle, Spain, largely written in 1577, first published in its original language, in Brussels
  • Births

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  • Nicolò Minato (died 1698), Italian poet, librettist and impresario
  • Walter Pope (died 1714), English astronomer and poet
  • Deaths

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  • April 19 – John Beaumont (born 1583), English playwright and poet
  • May 24 – Luis de Góngora (born 1561), Spanish lyric poet
  • May 26 – Lucy Russell, Countess of Bedford (born 1581), English countess, minor poet, and major patron of poets
  • July 4 (bur.) – Thomas Middleton (born 1580), English playwright and poet
  • July 9 – Dirk Rafaelsz Camphuysen (born 1586), Dutch painter, poet and theologian
  • October – Bernardo de Balbuena (born 1561), Spanish-born Latin American poet
  • Also:
  • Charles Best (born 1570), English poet, writer of A Sonnet of the Moon
  • Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana (born 1556), Indian poet in Mughal Emperor Akbar court
  • Cormac Mac Con Midhe (born unknown), Irish poet
  • Thomas Seget (born 1569), Scottish poet who wrote in Latin
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