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15th century in poetry

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  • 1445 - Printing press developed in Europe.
  • Works

  • Per Raff Lille, Mariaviser ("Songs to Mary"), Denmark
  • Stora rimkronikan ("The Great Rhymed Chronicle"), Sweden
  • 1402–1403 – Christine de Pisan, Le Livre du chemin de long estude, describing a trial of the faults of this world in the "Court of Reason"
  • 1403 – Christine de Pisan, La Mutacion de Fortune ("The Changes of Fortune")
  • c.1434 – John Lydgate, The Life of St. Edmund, King and Martyr
  • c.1470–1485 – Pietru Caxaro, Il Cantilena, oldest known Maltese text
  • 1473–1480 – Maladhar Basu, ''Sri Krishna Vijaya (শ্রীকৃষ্ণবিজয়, "Triumph of Lord Krishna"), Bengal
  • Europe

  • Per Raff Lille (c. 1450 — c. 1500), Danish
  • Tomas af Strangnas, (died 1443), Swedish
  • François Villon (1431–1463), French
  • Japan

  • Arakida Moritake 荒木田守武 (1473–1549), the son of Negi Morihide, and a Shinto priest; said to have excelled in waka, renga, and in particular haikai
  • Ikkyū 休宗純, Ikkyū Sōjun 1394–1481), eccentric, iconic, Rinzai Zen Buddhist priest, poet and sometime mendicant flute player who influenced Japanese art and literature with an infusion of Zen attitudes and ideals; one of the creators of the formal Japanese tea ceremony; well-known to Japanese children through various stories and the subject of a popular Japanese children's television program; made a character in anime fiction
  • Shōtetsu 正徹 (1381–1459), considered by some the last great poet in the courtly waka tradition; his disciples were important in the development of renga, which led to haiku
  • Sōgi 宗祇 (1421–1502), Japanese Zen monk who studied waka and renga poetry, then became a professional renga poet in his 30s
  • Yamazaki Sōkan 山崎宗鑑, pen name of Shina Norishige (1465–1553), renga and haikai poet, court calligrapher for Shogun Ashikaga Yoshihisa; became a secluded Buddhist monk following the shogun's death in 1489
  • Persian language

  • Jami, poet (1414–1492)
  • Mir Ali Shir Nava'i, poet (1441–1501)
  • South Asia

  • Bhalan (c. 1426–1500), Indian, Gujarati-language poet
  • Chandidas (চন্ডীদাস) (born 1408 CE) refers to (possibly more than one) medieval Indian Bengali-language poet
  • Meerabai (मीराबाई) (1498-1547), alternate spelling: Meera, Mira, Meera Bai; Hindu poet-saint, mystical poet whose compositions, extant version of which are in Gujarati and a Rajasthani dialect of Hindi, remain popular throughout India
  • Nund Reshi (1377–1440), Indian, Kashmiri-language poet
  • References

    15th century in poetry Wikipedia

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