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1593 in art

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1593 in art


  • (unknown)
  • Paintings

  • Caravaggio – Boy with a Basket of Fruit
  • Santi di Tito – Vision of St Thomas Aquinas
  • Cornelis van Haarlem – The Wedding of Peleus and Thetis
  • Hans von Aachen – Pallas Athena, Venus and Juno
  • Rowland Lockey- Sir Thomas More and Family
  • Streatham portrait
  • Births

  • March 13 - Georges de La Tour, painter from the Duchy of Lorraine, now in France (died 1652)
  • May 19 - Jacob Jordaens, Flemish Baroque painter from the Antwerp school of painting (died 1678)
  • July 8 - Artemisia Gentileschi, Italian Baroque painter (d. c.1654)
  • September 22 - Matthäus Merian, Swiss engraver (died 1650)
  • October - Cornelis Janssens van Ceulen, Dutch portrait painter (died 1661)
  • December 23 - Ercole Sarti, Italian deaf painter, active in Ferrara (d. unknown)
  • date unknown
  • Giovanni Battista Barbiani, Italian painter (died 1650)
  • Willem van Haecht, Flemish painter (died 1637)
  • Balthasar van der Ast, Dutch Golden Age painter who specialized in still lifes of flowers and fruit (died 1657)
  • Jan van de Velde, Dutch School painter and engraver of animal, landscape and still-life subjects (died 1641)
  • probable
  • Louis Le Nain, French painter of the Le Nain family of painters (died 1648)
  • Ni Yuanlu, Chinese calligrapher and painter during the Ming Dynasty (died 1644)
  • Balthasar van der Ast, Dutch painter who specialized in still lifes of flowers and fruit (died 1657)
  • 1593/1601: Pieter Soutman, Dutch Golden Age painter (died 1657)
  • Deaths

  • July 11 - Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Italian painter best known for creating portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables and flowers (born 1527)
  • November 20 - Hans Bol, Flemish painter (born 1534)
  • November 30 - Niccolò Granello, Italian fresco painter established in Spain (born 1553)
  • date unknown
  • Claudio de Arciniega, Spanish sculptor and architect (born 1520)
  • Giovanni Paolo Lolmo, Italian painter (born 1550)
  • Zhang Han, Chinese scholar-official, literary author, painter, and essayist (born 1511)
  • Xu Wei, Ming Dynasty Chinese painter, poet and dramatist (born 1521)
  • probable - Jean Cousin the Elder, French painter, sculptor, etcher, engraver, and geometrician (born 1500)
  • References

    1593 in art Wikipedia

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