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Year 1092 (MXCII) was a leap year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • April 21 – The Diocese of Pisa is elevated to the rank of metropolitan archdiocese by Pope Urban II.
  • May – King William II of England annexes Cumbria from the Scottish Celtic kingdom of Strathclyde and builds Carlisle Castle.
  • May 9 – Lincoln Cathedral is consecrated in England.
  • May 21 – Synod of Szabolcs is convened in Hungary.
  • High tides cause great flooding in England and Scotland. The Kentish lands of Earl Godwin are inundated, becoming known as the Goodwin Sands.
  • The Song Dynasty Chinese scientist and statesman Su Song publishes his Xin Yi Xiang Fa Yao, a treatise outlining the construction and operation of his complex astronomical clocktower built in Kaifeng, China. It also includes a celestial atlas of five star maps.
  • Births

  • Adélaide de Maurienne, queen of France (d. 1154)
  • Foulques V, Count of Anjou and King of Jerusalem
  • Deaths

  • January 14 – King Vratislaus II of Bohemia
  • May 7 – Remigius de Fécamp, first Bishop of Lincoln
  • September – Jordan of Hauteville, military commander in Sicily
  • September 6 – Conrad I, Duke of Bohemia
  • October 14 – Nizam al-Mulk, Seljuk vizier (b. 1018)
  • November 19 – Malik-Shah I, Seljuk Sultan
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