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109 Piscium

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Magnitude  6.292
Apparent magnitude (V)  6.292
Constellation  Pisces
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109 Piscium is a yellow subgiant located about 106 light years away in the constellation Pisces. It has a mass to that of the Sun, and has a higher abundance of iron.


Planetary system

The star rotates at an inclination of 69+21
degrees relative to Earth.

In 1999 an extrasolar planet was detected around this star. It is probable that this planet shares that inclination.

In the 1983 Star Trek novel The Wounded Sky by Diane Duane, the USS Enterprise intentionally causes 109 Piscium to go supernova by entering warp drive too close to the star, in order to destroy a group of pursuing Klingon vessels. Captain Kirk experiences an uneasy sense that he may "get in trouble with Starfleet" over this arguably rash course of action.


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