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Year 1081 (MLXXXI) was a common year starting on Friday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • April 1 – Byzantine emperor Nikephoros III Botaneiates is overthrown by Alexios I Komnenos who is crowned on April 5, ending the Middle Byzantine period and beginning the Comnenan dynasty.
  • May 8 – Alfonso VI of Castile marries Constance of Burgundy.
  • October 18 – Byzantine–Norman wars: Battle of Dyrrhachium: Alexios I helps defend Albania from the Normans (the first recorded mention of Albania) but is defeated by Robert Guiscard, Norman Duke of Apulia and Calabria, outside the city of Dyrrhachium (Durrës), the Byzantine capital of Illyria. The Normans govern Albania from southern Italy until around 1100.
  • Corfu is taken from the Byzantine Empire by Robert Guiscard.
  • Turkish emir Tzachas conquers İzmir and founds a short-lived principality, emerging as the first sea power in Turkish history.
  • Battle of Mynydd Carn near St Davids in Wales: Gruffudd ap Cynan in alliance with Rhys ap Tewdwr (prince of Deheubarth) defeats the forces of Trahaearn ap Caradog, Caradog ap Gruffydd and Meilir ap Rhiwallon (who are all killed), allowing Gruffudd to claim the Kingdom of Gwynedd.
  • Construction begins on St. Canute's Cathedral in Odense, Denmark.
  • Pope Gregory VII writes a letter to the Bishop of Metz about Henry IV's behavior.
  • Births

  • December 1 – King Louis VI of France (d. 1137)
  • Abbot Suger, French statesman and historian (d. 1151) (probable date)
  • Deaths

  • April 2 or 3 (possible dates) – Bolesław II the Generous, deposed King of Poland (b. c.1041/2) (probably poisoned)
  • September 1 – Bishop Eusebius of Angers
  • October 18 – Nikephoros Palaiologos, Byzantine general
  • December 10 – Nikephoros III Botaneiates, deposed Byzantine Emperor (b. c.1002)
  • Caradog ap Gruffydd, Prince of Gwent (killed in battle)
  • Trahaearn ap Caradog, King of Gwynedd (killed in battle)
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