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1070s in art

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1070s in art

The decade of the 1070s in art involved some significant events.


  • 1070's Bayeux Tapestry is completed possibly to unveil at the dedication of Bayeux Cathedral in 1077.
  • Works

  • 1072 Guo Xi paints Early Spring and Autumn in the River Valley
  • 1078
  • Unknown artist sculpts Bishamonten statue in Hōryū-ji
  • Tympanum of Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Galicia (Spain) sculpted
  • Births

  • 1076: Fujiwara no Sadazane - Japanese calligrapher during the Heian period (died 1120)
  • 1073: Ibn al-Tilmīdh - Syriac Christian physician, pharmacist, poet, musician and calligrapher (died 1165)
  • Deaths

  • 1079: Wen Tong – Chinese Northern Song painter famous for his ink bamboo paintings (born 1019)
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