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1070s in England

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Events from the 1070s in England.



Monarch - William I


  • 1070
  • Winter of 1069–1070 - Harrying of the North: King William I quells rebellions in the North of England following an invasion by Sweyn II of Denmark. Widespread famine follows the devastation wrought.
  • Spring - King Sweyn II of Denmark joins English rebels, led by Hereward the Wake, and captures the Isle of Ely in The Fens of eastern England.
  • 11 April - Archbishop of Canterbury Stigand deposed.
  • 1 June - Hereward plunders Peterborough Abbey.
  • June - Denmark signs a treaty with England; Sweyn and his forces leave the country.
  • 15 August - Lanfranc appointed as the new Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • Invasion of England by Malcolm III of Scotland repelled.
  • Hugh d'Avranches, 1st Earl of Chester, the first Marcher Lord, invades Wales, capturing parts of Gwynedd.
  • Osmund succeeds Herfast as Lord Chancellor; Herfast becomes Bishop of Elmham.
  • Rebuilding of Canterbury Cathedral following a fire.
  • Rebuilding of York Minster begins.
  • Construction of Dudley Castle in the west midlands by Ansculf de Picquigny begins.
  • Construction of Richmond Castle in North Yorkshire by Alan Rufus begins.
  • Jews from Rouen, in Normandy, settle in England at the invitation of the King.
  • 1071
  • William defeats Hereward the Wake's rebellion on the Isle of Ely.
  • Edwin, Earl of Mercia, again rebels against William but is betrayed and killed, leading to the re-distribution of land within Mercia to William's subjects.
  • 1072
  • 27 May - The Accord of Winchester establishes the primacy of the Archbishop of Canterbury over the Archbishop of York in the Church of England.
  • August - William invades Scotland, reaching the River Tay.
  • At Abernethy, King Malcolm III of Scotland submits to William.
  • Bishop of Lincoln raised to diocesan status. Construction of Lincoln Cathedral begins.
  • 1073
  • Rebuilding of St Augustine's Abbey in Canterbury.
  • 1074
  • Roger de Montgomerie is created Earl of Shrewsbury, and invades Wales, reaching as far as Powys.
  • 1075
  • Revolt of the Earls: Three earls rebel against William in the last serious act of resistance to the Norman conquest of England.
  • August (approx. date) - Council of London reforms Church administration in England. It approves union of the dioceses of Ramsbury and Sherborne into a new Diocese of Salisbury with a new cathedral at Old Sarum, Herman becoming first Bishop of Salisbury.
  • First Bishop of Chichester (Stigand of Selsey) consecrated.
  • 1076
  • April - Council of Winchester confirms ecclesiastical authority, insists on celibacy of the clergy and marriage within church.
  • 31 May - Execution of Waltheof II, Earl of Northumbria, for his part in the Revolt of the Earls.
  • Approximate date of the Trial of Penenden Heath to settle a land dispute between King William and his half-brother Odo of Bayeux.
  • 1077
  • The Bayeux Tapestry completed depicting the Norman conquest of England.
  • William's son Robert Curthose stages an insurrection against him in Normandy.
  • Construction of St Albans Cathedral begins under Abbot Paul of Caen.
  • Foundation of the first Cluniac abbey in England, at Lewes.
  • First recorded Trial by combat in England.
  • 1078
  • 3 June (approx. date) - Consecration of Osmund as Bishop of Salisbury. He will introduce the Sarum Rite.
  • (approx. date) - Construction of the White Tower (Tower of London) begins under the direction of Bishop Gundulf of Rochester.
  • Construction of Colchester Castle begins under the direction of Bishop Gundulf of Rochester.
  • 1079
  • January - Robert unhorses William in battle in Normandy.
  • William creates the New Forest as a hunting ground.
  • Rebuilding of Winchester Cathedral begins.
  • Births

  • 1075
  • Orderic Vitalis, chronicler (died c. 1142)
  • Deaths

  • 1072
  • Stigand, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • 1075
  • 19 December - Edith of Wessex, queen of Edward the Confessor (born c. 1029)
  • 1076
  • 31 May - Waltheof II, Earl of Northumbria, last of the Anglo-Saxon earls (born 1050)
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