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Year 1064 (MLXIV) was a leap year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • Sunset Crater Volcano (present-day Arizona) first erupts.
  • Asia

  • The Seljuk Turks storm Anatolia, taking Caesarea and Ani, marking the beginning of Turkish incursions into Anatolia.
  • The Kingdom of Georgia takes over Samshvilde, the capital of the neighboring Kingdom of Tashir-Dzoraget.
  • Europe

  • June 9 – Coimbra is taken by King Ferdinand of Castile.
  • European warriors go to Spain, to participate in the siege of Barbastro. This expedition is sanctioned by the Pope, and is now regarded as an early form of Crusade.
  • Harold Godwinson is shipwrecked at Ponthieu, Normandy and taken captive by Count Guy.
  • Construction of the Duomo at Pisa in Tuscany begins.
  • Births

  • Duke Borivoj II of Bohemia
  • Robert Fitz Richard, a Norman landowner in England
  • King Niels of Denmark
  • Deaths

  • Abu Muhammad 'Ali ibn Ahmad ibn Sa`id (Ibn Hazm), Andalusian poet, polymath, historian, philsopher, jurist and theologian
  • Dromtönpa, initiator of the Kadampa school and founder of Reting Monastery
  • Ottokar I of Styria
  • Rabbi Yaakov ben Yakar, German Talmudist
  • Yi Yuanji, Chinese Northern Song painter famous for his realistic paintings of animals (b. 1000)
  • Akkadevi, Indian princess, governor and general (b. 1010)
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