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1060 AM

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The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1060 kHz: 1060 AM is a United States and Mexican clear-channel frequency. KYW in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and XEEP in Ejército de Oriente, Distrito Federal, Mexico share Class A status on 1060 kHz.



  • CKMX in Calgary, Alberta
  • Guatemala (Channel 53)

  • TGXA in Guatemala
  • Mexico

  • XEEP-AM in Ejército de Oriente, DF
  • XERDO-AM in Brecha 73, Tamaulipas
  • United States

  • KBFL (AM) in Springfield, Missouri
  • KBGN in Caldwell, Idaho
  • KDUS in Tempe, Arizona
  • KDYL in South Salt Lake, Utah
  • KFIL (AM) in Preston, Minnesota
  • KFIT in Lockhart, Texas
  • KFOY in Sparks, Nevada
  • KGFX (AM) in Pierre, South Dakota
  • KIJN (AM) in Farwell, Texas
  • KIPA (AM) in Hilo, Hawaii
  • KKVV in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • KNLV (AM) in Ord, Nebraska
  • KRCN in Longmont, Colorado
  • KTNS in Oakhurst, California
  • KXPL in El Paso, Texas
  • KYW (AM) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • WCGB in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico
  • WCOK in Sparta, North Carolina
  • WFLE (AM) in Flemingsburg, Kentucky
  • WGSB (AM) in Mebane, North Carolina
  • WHFB (AM) in Benton Harbor-Saint Jo, Michigan
  • WILB (AM) in Canton, Ohio
  • WIXC in Titusville, Florida
  • WJKY in Jamestown, Kentucky
  • WKMQ in Tupelo, Mississippi
  • WKNG (AM) in Tallapoosa, Georgia
  • WLNO in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • WMCL in Mcleansboro, Illinois
  • WNPC in Newport, Tennessee
  • WQMV in Waverly, Tennessee
  • WQOM in Natick, Massachusetts
  • WRHL in Rochelle, Illinois
  • WXNC in Monroe, North Carolina
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